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The Workplace and the Wound

“Her voice became vibrant and raw, veined with passion. "You can never go back to the past. You can't heal their wounds or your own. Even God will not do this for you," and this was a bit controversial with her audience, but she believed she had proof: "Jesus himself was not healed--he came back from the dead with the wounds still in his hands and his body. He came back changed, but not healed. Saying 'I'm sorry' is saying that you will be different from now on. Your identity stretches to accommodate this thing you did to them. And in this way a relationship is formed between the person you have hurt and yourself.”

― Eve Tushnet, Amends

I never cease to be amazed at the human capacity for attracting people who have a common wound to themselves.

You can be in a room full of strangers, completely on your own, with a bunch of unknown, free from identity folks and you can bet your bottom penny that you will dig out that one soul who has been through the exact grist for the same mill as yourself! It is truly amazing. I have always contended that we blend with those who are vibrationally right for us. I have witnessed time and time again the epiphany moment when you realise that you have a lot in common with the person you have gravitated towards. I have seen it in my classes, in my consultations, my personal life and certainly in the personal lives of others, this miraculous bonding of like-minded souls. It is a folly to underestimate energy, the aura and the morphic field. It’s like a weft and weave of streams of consciousness.

However, sometimes that bond can be an attachment to a wound.

It is the wound that draws us together, a dense, low vibrational beat that either shackles us or, as one might hope, eventually frees us from the torpor of unevolved experiences. We could perceive this as destiny at work; ravaged souls on eternity’s highway slung together throughout the aeons to mingle the blood of the broken and disillusioned. Or we could blame it on the struggle and strife of the Earth plane; the temptations of Gaia. Maybe it is much more simple than that. Emotionally we seek out those that are a clone to our pain. Our pain reinforces our identity.

This can happen in many areas of our existence but what about at work?

I have come across people whose wound is alive and well in the workplace. If we attract things to us then why have we opted for the scars to resonate in our occupation? Hardly surprising really as for most of us we spend much of our daily living and breathing at work. The wound in the workplace presents a challenge which is either to dumb down or to rise up. Amidst all of that is a whole Pandora’s box of, well, stuff!! I hasten to add that challenging work relationships are not necessarily bad or toxic. Sometimes they are a healthy catalyst towards growth and are very often a much needed push. The stuff I am talking about is the client who is constantly in the firing line, undervalued, under acknowledged and completely stagnant. They have no vision and are unable to leave.

Rowena's story...

Rowena was a highly qualified office manager and she had recently moved from a company that had gone into liquidation. In her old place of work there had been issues about her being too qualified and because she was so efficient in her position it was unlikely that she would be promoted or encouraged to expand herself. The same story was unfolding in her new job. Rowena was becoming disheartened, she had been promised support including courses and advancement programmes but as time wore on it was becoming apparent that these were not going to materialise. Rowena even summoned up all her courage and asked her boss about this but to no avail.

Her professional life mirrored her personal life.

She had been brought up in an environment where she had never been encouraged or supported. Rowena’s brother was the golden child and did well at school. He was brought up in the shadow of his father and grandfather who were successful entrepreneurs and he had all the family attention. Rowena on the other hand had been undermined by significant people in her abilities at school and at home. Although she believed in progress and ambition she had soon come to learn that for her, goals and achievements were whims. Rowena had to somehow break the cycle of stagnancy. Married and divorced, she had simply run out of energy!

If we were to draw 3 cards for Rowena they might look like this:

Five of Pentacles. The isolation and abandonment of her early years had broken her trust with community and she had become overly conventional choosing to withdraw and be totally compliant with the wishes of others. This card shows a need to revision the authentic self before a vision of her wider future might happen. Her lack of self-belief had led to an atmosphere of poverty consciousness which could be replaced by self-connection through service to others. She was literally starving! Emperor. Rowena had to believe in her own intuition and structure her intentions. Afraid of criticism, it was once more made clear that some kind of community work would reconnect her to herself and open her heart to new self-perceptions. Healing her animosity towards her father and perhaps seeing an element of herself within may give her the impetus to be less wary of her boss. It was vital that she find compassion for herself. She was basically stuck in adolescence. Ace of Cups. By recognising her potential and the depth of her spirit she could move forward. This was not a time for suppression but instead to seek out the possibilities of her concepts and visions. Through taking up a healthy lifestyle regime she could perhaps transform her wound and enjoy positive, emotional well-being. Trust and belief in the world and being a part of it would help her enormously.

A wound is a portal to explore our own reality, if we can move beyond it we have the chance for conscious transformation and renewed vitality. Life owes us nothing but we owe life everything.
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