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“Oh, girl! He's got a big one,” the fortune teller exclaimed, her dark eyes briefly flickering up to Violet's face before returning back to the cards spread out in front of her. She paused for a moment as she studied them, her pointer finger tapping against her jaw. Finally, she added, “Just like a summer sausage, and I'm not talking about the snack-sized ones. And it's attached to a body that could put Dwayne Johnson to shame. What women could resist a package like that? I'd say the future is definitely going to be bright... at least for you.”
― Rose Wynters, The Vampire's House of Pleasure Part 1
There is a whole school of thought that suggests that prediction should not be a part of a Tarot reading.

My thinking is that if you have retrodiction, which is about exploring the past, then it stands to reason that we could have prediction which is about exploring influences that lead us into the future and in the middle of all of that, is the present.

I tell my clients I am not a fortune teller, I am certain that there are some really good ones out there but I don’t happen to be one. As a reader I can’t tell anyone how to do anything or what to do but we can support someone as they create their own future and sometimes that means I lift a veil for them to see things that they might have overlooked or been blind to.

Is being psychic the same as fortune telling?

Personally I think it is debatable. The word psychic comes from the Greek word psyche which means soul, so in effect when I work psychically I am reading a soul! I wonder if we are all capable of this to lesser and greater degrees. I don’t think we can all be mediumistic but we all can have some measure of intuition; after all back in the Neolithic time and beyond, the sixth sense would have kept us alive. But it is way too right brained for modern society and the left brain took over as our fundamental survival functionality. It seems that contemporary clairvoyancy has become a stream of consciousness in praise of the right brain and supports the idea that creativity is a necessity in all areas of life. I would agree with that, we co-create with the universe, we link to the imaginative universe to manifest and make happen. So, in other words to operate psychically one is mimicking the creative impulse at work in the universe.

Students frequently ask whether it is their imagination that is bringing the psychic information.

I would say that it is. The imagination is the playground of the divine, the bridge between worlds and is a very real dynamic. Over the years I have been amazed, even startled, by the psychic information that I have brought to people and more interestingly how relevant and beneficial it has been for them. Trust is the all important factor here, you just have to.

However, we can only intuit what we already know. I have seen that a huge stumbling block for the aspiring psychic has been in thinking that information and connection is random and comes from out of nowhere. If we stop and truly consider this idea then it makes the psychic faculty really very intriguing. The unconscious knows everything...that notion is really mind blowing and what is more Tarot gives the unconscious the language required in order for what goes on in the back of the mind to step forward and participate in the everyday stuff.

Jung spoke extensively of the collective consciousness and we are all plugged into that and we add it to it as we go along.

Tarot cards, as images of archetypes, are an embodiment of every living experience we can have and in our deepest recesses we know how it all works for one another. By reading the cards we are connected to each other.

As part of the development of the psychic faculty one should get the self right out of the way in order to play on the morphic field of resonance. So, that is where we will start…


Before you begin to work psychically we should put all the ordinary life things on one side in order to step into our extraordinary self. Meditation or quiet time can help with this. Take a moment to put work, home, health, finances and everything else in a place where they will not disturb you. You are attempting to raise your awareness, thinking of the daily chores or where to go at the weekend will not cut much ice. The discipline of surrendering to spirit (whatever you may deem that to be) is what will serve you best to receive clear information.

Try this to still yourself.

Begin by taking satisfying, deep breaths. Take notice of the out breath as you do so, say ‘old’ to yourself, this releases you from thoughts that belong to yesterday and your life events.

Take note of the in breath. Take a pause between breaths. Imagine a space within that is being filled up by wisdom and clarity. Observe how expanded you feel.


This discipline is about letting go of thoughts. We can’t fight them but we can let them come and go. We don’t attach to any of them, they are birds flying in and out of a tree, we know they are there but they are not significant. It is not that we become mindless but we are more aware of another dimension or realm opening up to us. Our ego will and can get in the way. If that happens then we are dropping, once more into the dense vibration of Earth life and it makes for hard work psychically. Remain in your quiet zone. Breathe as you see, hear and feel your thoughts come and go.


Breathe into the crown of your head. As you do so formulate a message to your co-walkers, inspirers and guides. These are your allies. Imagine you are writing a note to them or sending an email. Ask for their assistance as you prepare to work spiritually. To prepare for this discipline, write down the names of five teachers. They can be actual teachers or maybe authors, gurus, musicians, film or radio personalities, anyone in fact who has been influential in your life, even your own inner teacher.

Write down a situation or something that has been on your mind. Look over the list of teachers and pick one who could help with your query. Imagine the conversation, take note of how it went.


Try not to underestimate the awesomeness that we call energy. It is part and parcel of the miracle of life.

When you are ready to begin the work and presuming you are reading for someone then sit quietly and squarely in front of them. Try this with your eyes closed as it will help to avoid distractions. Take your breath to the top of your head, raise your awareness and tune in to the person and allow images, feelings even words to come forward. Attempt to translate the meaning of this imagery. Are they happy, sad, angry, sceptical and so on. Be decisive, go with what you intuit. Unpacking the imagery is a bit like reading the symbols in a painting, what are they saying to you? Try not to police your information, give it, trust it and go with it. What is the story? Take note of colours, what do they mean? Colours can give us an idea of what is happening in the energy field. Confidence is key.


Very often the images on the Tarot cards can act as psychic triggers. They are the keys to unlock the wisdom within. Read your card and be as versatile as they are. Don’t limit your answer to any one thing. The cards are akin to a mirror; they reflect back at you the psychic life within. Let the card take you ever deeper within and allow the cards to speak to you. Whatever your deck is, you are working with it because it resonates with you. Your client is right for you as there is a resonance. Remember everything is vibrationally correct.

Try this exercise.

Jot down how you would literally put something together, maybe a cake or some craft work, a piece of writing or music that you are creating, include all the steps. Now take this process and apply it to your spiritual work. Look for key elements that feel satisfactory and fulfilling.

And finally...

Humour, integrity, humility, intelligence and compassion are the personal armoury of any holistic practitioner. Trust your connection to spirit; spirit is everywhere and is everything.

Any good psychic worth their salt has, generally speaking, had a challenging background. You can draw on these experiences, they are part of your treasure trove. Believe in yourself, your talent and the path you have set upon. Go well and go in peace.

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