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“Wishes of one's old life wither and shrivel like old leaves if they are not replaced with new wishes when the world changes. And the world always changes. Wishes get slimy, and their colors fade, and soon they are just mud, like all the rest of the mud, and not wishes at all, but regrets. The trouble is, not everyone can tell when they ought to launder their wishes. Even when one finds oneself in Fairyland and not at home at all, it is not always so easy to remember to catch the world in it's changing and change with it.” ― Catherynne M. Valente, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making
We all love The 9 of Cups.

The wish card. It slaps onto the table and we sigh a deep sigh, ‘Ah thank goodness’ we mutter, ‘I might just get what I want at last! It is Jupiter in Pisces. The old Beneficic offering expansion, growth, conviviality and emotional, spiritual brevity. However, be careful what you wish for you might just get it. As a 9 it is suggesting that we have come to the end of a phase and as such we can reap what we have sown as we pass into a whole new phase. It indicates that we have the wherewithal to manifest that which is relevant and beneficial but it has to be in alignment with our inner reality. For me, it is not about having something because we think we should have it but it is about manifesting an aspect of our personal reality that will serve us and take us forward. It really can be a matter of right time and right place.

What is the eye of your heart looking at?

This eye sits between the material and spiritual worlds; spiritual things become embodied and embodied things become spiritualised. Alchemically, it is the realm of symbolic perception and magical visions. The beginning of any manifestation requires an imaginative idea that is in keeping with the path we are already set upon.

The heart’s desire.

When the 9 of Cups pops up in a reading we could ask, ‘what do I need, what does my absolute plenitude look like?’

The baseline is that we are to enjoy the good things in life such as breakfast in bed with the papers, a tub of ice cream with a sugar spoon, no work and all play. It is an indication of an aspect of who and what we are.

Yet, as much as we might want to see this as a positive card it can also be a significator of pure indulgence.

Instead of dealing with the stuff of life we allow ourselves to be distracted by pleasure and vanities. Basically, we are in denial. We kid ourselves into believing that the universe will provide all that we need we don’t have to take responsibility for anything. We forget that we are co-creators with the universe and the universe in all her wisdom conspires with whatever is in your heart. What we manifest comes from our own consciousness, we can’t change it but we somehow must deal with it.

Complacency and resistance will not serve us; if we are stuck in that mind set then we ignore possible potential that will improve our lot. We aren’t aware of anything that might rock our boat but sometimes we have to come out of our comfort zone to know what it is that we truly want. To know oneself is the trick.

How can we build on success?

Balance is required. Over emphasising our success can be detrimental to personal growth and personal misunderstandings and this is hazardous to making things happen. It is important to remember that while we can afford to be smug at people beneath us on the ladder they might just pass you by on the ascent! This 9 is asking for synthesis. The veil is lifted to explore our potential and possibility, what is our scope? Focus and discipline is demanded from us to achieve our deepest wish. Passivity will bring only stagnation and a false sense of security.

True manifestation requires us to be in the moment and to love what we do and who we are.

Vision boards are fabulous way of connecting you to your goal or aim. Write down what it is that you want to make happen.

Grab thick card, scissors, glue and bits and pieces that you can cut out and paste to the board.

Flick through papers and old magazines to find photos and words that represent your vision.

Stick to one theme at a time. By trying to serve too many ideas will bring confusion. Focus, have fun and enjoy the fruits of your efforts!

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