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The Still, Small Voice.

“Once we start to work with Feminine power we begin to see that it is not our minds that are in control of this power – it ebbs and flows with the movements of the planets, the procession of the seasons, the moons and tides, our own internal cycles of menstruality, anniversaries, the events around us. All these and more impact our experience and expressions of power. We learn to become aware of these various patterns and their impact on us and work more consciously with rather than against or in spite of them. We learn that they are all part of the same process. We open towards the energy, rather than shut down to it. We learn to trust the flow.”

― Lucy H. Pearce, Burning Woman

Do men have feminine power?

I jolly well hope so, if not then we are truly doomed! If it were that men do not possess even a smidgen of a feminine essence then we would simply stop creating, thinking, singing, dancing and the universe would just implode.

Equally, women are able to experience the divine masculine. Whilst one conceives and creates the other externalises and brings forth the final edits of creation. We all do it, even goldfish and other flora and fauna.

The nature of duality and bringing all into unity, you know, good old manifestation to you and me, requires the anima and animus. We see symbols of this, for example, in some religions, there is not just one representation of the supreme being on their shrine but two. In fact the supreme being is a myriad of aspects, one hand doesn’t clap alone, it is this balance between the feminine and masculine that holds the power of anything coming into being.

The High Priestess is the feminine part of our creative self.

The High Priestess can represent the intuitive self, the healer, the conceiver, the analyser, the psyche, the still small voice within that reaches out to us and guides us. She is the voice that utters wisdom and dives into our depths for the pearls and then she scatters them before us to show us the way forward, if we listen, if we watch.

The High Priestess is the emerging spirit in physicality. She is all our combinations and complexities as we become and make our way in the world. She is a constant in our ever changing and cyclical world.

The High Priestess is the veiled wisdom.

In sufism this is known as hikmah. Her veil signifies the outward representation of the concealed inner mysteries, the feminine holy wisdom or Sophia, (suffiya). Her Islamic name is al Batin which means, hidden, unseen. In Islamic culture women represent the inward, esoteric world. According to some teachers, the veiling of the face symbolises the hidden side of the tradition and its inward secrets, just as the Supreme being is concealed from human sight by 70,000 veils of light and darkness.

Meditation, going within, reveals the inner meaning of the outer world. She holds the heavenly secrets of the esoteric.

The Priestess is divine wisdom.

When we connect with the Priestess or Sophia we return to the centre of our spiritual being.

Another name for the High Priestess is Sakinah, the peace or feminine presence of the divine glory, she is the spirit revealed of the Great Spirit.

In more mundane terms High Priestess speaks of dedication towards the goal of gnosticism, to know without knowing. In other words if we seek the secrets of our being, our place in the grand scheme of things, then we have to be prepared to work for it, to pass the tests of initiation, to reach out and ask the power of the universe to conspire with us in all that we do.

The universe is a jealous lover and once we have agreed to do the work then she will hold us to our commitment and nothing less than doing the path of self-discovery in order to be a beacon of wisdom to others will do.

Priestess is the sentinel that marks the place of intuition. We learn from her that we can’t intuit what we don’t already know. If our goal is to be an adept then we have to acknowledge our own source of wisdom or lifeblood, it is akin to the elixir of life itself.


It can be surprising to learn that psychic or intuitive information doesn’t drop into our head like rain falling through a leaky roof. It is not as hit and miss as one suspects but it is the ability to read the soul and to delve into our treasure trove of knowing, trust is the issue. We may have knowing by the ton but if we lack trust in expressing it then we may as well be paupers.

We can see that the direction of High Priestess’s development lies through three portals.

Our inner awareness begins at the first portal. This is where we come to terms with our own limitations and boundaries. The desire to be of service to humanity and the deities requires one to move beyond the everyday consciousness of being. Our will becomes a personal dedication to a path. Here we step into compassion and a desire for purity ultimately guided by dreams and visions. The second portal is the gate to the heart. How does one live in this world and yet maintain authenticity in all other realms? The spirit can be seen as a flame that is not extinguished by the lurching and rolling and clumsy manoeuvering between realms. The flame grows brighter as we learn to radiate the heart and the wisdom therein. The third portal is the self, the part of the self that has been purified by the initiations at the first two portals. We find a greater sense of purpose and a stronger coordination between the psychic self and the externalised self. We are now well on the way to illumination and enlightenment in whichever shape or form your talents and skills dictate.

The High Priestess points us towards our deeply intuitive nature.

She pushes us to be firmly connected to our higher self or power. She acts as a channel for a spiritual direction and does not allow the thoughts, opinions and ideas of others lead sway from dedication to service. Prejudice and meaningless vision is not sustainable for the path of the Priestess.

In this day and age of capitalist ideology where we are encouraged to self-loathe, be visionless and to denounce the power of intuition and discernment, which after all are powerful components to being human, we require the mantle of the High Priestess. To move away from being in lack to being in abundance lies with the journey of the embodiment in the Priestess, a guide to spiritual maturity, wisdom and inner disciplines.


A 7 day moving meditation.

Day 1. Draw a card for compassion.

Day 2. Intuition

Day 3. Healing

Day 4. Wisdom

Day 5. Awareness

Day 6. Purity

Day 7. Concepts.

In your journal, note the day and the card you drew. At the end of the day write down how, for example, you experienced compassion...what is it? How did that happen, was t something that was shown to you or did you give it to someone else?

Or intuition, how did you work intuitively? What was the scenario? And so on, at the end of the week finish the exercise by bringing it all together with a summary of your experiences.

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