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“Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more.” ― Oscar Wilde

This year has been quite something astrologically.

If nothing else I have learned bundles from planets going retrograde, conjuncting, squaring and goodness knows what else. I have enjoyed various articles and posts on social media about the jolly dance the ephemeris has been doing in recent months and now, ahead of time, I am preparing for full moon in Capricorn on July 16th/17th.

Personally this will be a major coup. I have been having a dalliance with Saturn, who is connected to Capricorn, his home base if you like. In my chart Saturn sits in Capricorn, not exactly twiddling his thumbs but more like stirring me into action and reminding me that if I don’t work I don’t eat and chilling does not happen unless you have earned it! Me and Saturn we are great pals...now...at last!

Saturn is sometimes known as the dark teacher.

Saturn reminds me to take care of my health and physical well-being. He chides me to pay attention to detail and stirs me from my bed to make the most of the morning whilst the rest of the house lies sleeping. As I am now in my second Saturn return, I listen to his sombre realism and as much as I want to rebel, he reminds me that my journey into maturity has to be taken a little bit seriously. What about radicalism I shout back, irked and irritated, what do you mean I can’t go out to play?! I sigh and resolve to grow old disgracefully but only after I have set my targets for the day and polished up my badge of ambition.

But enough of solemn Saturn, let’s turn to Capricorn.

So, the wheel of the year has brought us to the grounded, organised, work oriented, ethically sound, nifty on his feet goat.

This full moon is auspicious for Taureans, Virgos, Pisceans and Scorpios. It’s amazing how water and rock are such good chums. Full moon in Capricorn could be a bit too labouring for everyone else! If your birth number adds up to Hierophant, Hermit, High Priestess/Moon and Death, yup, you will be just dandy too. The rest of us may want to consider inspecting the shackles and chains that tie us to our existence to see if there is any chance of release or at least turning the shackle into a bouquet.

A clue as to the density of this full moon could be in that Capricorn is associated with the Devil card.

The Devil is all about those shackles and chains. Yet we are not really bound and trussed, we just think we are. The Devil asks us to dare to be free, to afford little time on the demands of the ego but instead to ignore the spectre of Baphomet and rise above the carnal, instinctive world of the primordial swamp, so often associated with the murky, shadowy ego that seeks not enlightenment but rather to take the spirit hostage and pay the devil a ransom.

Actually the Devil knows well the spirit’s longing to be a part of the conscious world. Indeed everything is spirit, arguably so is the Devil himself but our relationship with him depends on whether our attachments to the world are for self alone or more prosaically, the sake of self to share. We are never without choice.

The domain of the Devil is fear.

For every broken spirit whose addictive, lack seeking, unrealised self there is an ocean of fear and apprehension that must be navigated before a new Jerusalem can shine forth the citadel of redemption and progress.

As we move into the full moon in Capricorn it will be well worth thinking about that dream that lies on the other side of fear, where did those fears come from, how have they shaped your life? What choices have you made as a result of them?

Cast your thoughts towards all that has repressed you and held you back, what is the price that you are paying for that? What will it take to be in your own authority?

Work: ’’Is the money you make worth the price that you pay, can you make it to the end of the line, don’t the wind blow cold when you’re hanging your soul on the line?’’ (Emerson, Lake and Palmer.)

It might be useful to make a checklist, the point being that you refocus and explore your goals, are they still the same?

  • Am I obsessed with achievement or do I need to get more motivated, what is the balance?

  • Have I become too single minded, am I ignoring people that are dear to me?

  • Will I be sacrificing too much to pursue my vision?

  • Does my head rule my heart?

  • Am I too organised to the point where nothing new can come into my life or conversely am I not organised enough?

  • Are my plans likely to come to fruition or have I wasted my time?

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