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The World; A Realm of Truth.

“We're all a bit bad. We all have things in our lives that bring us shame and regret. Things that have hurt our souls or hurt the people we love. But 're all a bit good too. I reckon we're mostly good actually. And life is about trying to learn the balance, plot our place on the continuum... We're not just made up of good and bad: we're everything else too.”

― Alice Broadway, Ink

‘The goal of the wise’ ... I am pondering the World card.

I turned to my Rumi Tarot for a more microscopic peek, ’al-maqam al ilahi,’ which says beyond any form or depiction. The reference being that in this world we seek the divine presence (alam-i-hahut.) I randomly drew it as a card for some inspiration to connect in depth (here we go, let’s dive in!) to what is happening at the beginning of this week when we see Chiron in Aries go retrograde as well as Mercury. Chiron in retrograde will be until December 13th, so we better be prepared for lots of self-healing. As Mercury is also retrograde there is likely to be an emphasis on communication, information and travel. I don’t really want this blog to be Mercury retrograde but I do think Chiron in Aries is well worth a glimpse. I was happy drawing the World card, it is a good reflection of what is currently occurring.

First let’s take a brief look at Chiron in Aries.

Chiron is the wounded healer. He brings to the surface all the stuff that lies dormant within our shadow. Yet he has so much power in shaping our lives and how we respond to certain situations. He generally stays within each sign for about eight years. https://thezodiac.com/chiron2.htm.

He has just moved into Aries after dallying about in Pisces. If Pisces was about healing the relationship with the divine essence then being in Aries is about healing the relationship with self.

This begins with exploring healing the wounded masculine.

Nope, this is not about sorting out the father, brother or spouse but it is all about the masculine aspect of self. In society the expression of male and female is imbalanced so it stands to reason that there is an imbalance between the inner male and female archetypes of the psyche. When and if they are balanced then we have a balanced world! The masculine will remain wounded whilst society places it as a superiority and building hierarchical systems around itself. But it is not a part of the community and sits on the periphery like an orphaned child, waiting for and wanting succour.

The wounded masculine represses pain and lives in denial of pain.

The masculine essence creates battles, chaos and projects the wound as racism, sexism, religion and its brute force is used to control and dominate. There is always a point to prove and will go to any lengths to do so.

The masculine is that part of ourselves which is the externaliser, the part that makes things happen but will challenge the feminine in her concepts and creativity.

Chiron in Aries is asking us to overcome our fear of conflict.

This is anything that keeps us stuck in self-destructive patterns. Now is the time to bear witness to our rage, self-sabotage and our innate ability to be self- absorbed. It appears that the age of individualism may well be coming to an end.

We can channel the wound into becoming a leader with the broader picture being about what is the greater good for all. The masculine becomes the one that empowers and is a catalyst for seeking balance and harmony in all things.

So, while I am pondering on these things up pops the World card, clever old Tarot!

You see in Sufi cosmology, the World is the realm of the divine essence and to be here means that we have the keys to the portal which will allow us to enter the heart of the divine being, the heart being the sacred centre. To be in the World implies that we find our heart, we come to understand the ways of the heart and we make it our abode. This card represents, on one level, the realization of the state of the perfect man.

The World card is a card of redemption.

It is a realignment of spiritual pathways into a positive transformation and we can attain a degree of illumination that will be a useful ally in our continued journey through eternity. In other words our life in the World is a spiritual manifestation that has a ripple effect in the wider universe.

This card indicates a need to find reconciliation, balance and peace in our day to day activities. It is required from us to have integrity and honesty about our thoughts and feelings but at the same time to let go of bitterness and resentments, we make the world, we don’t deny it.

We come here to love. We come here to manifest our potential, by doing so we encourage others to engage with themselves on a deeper level despite external circumstances. Mindfulness is useless without heartfulness.

The beautiful name or Sufi name for the World is al Haqq which means truth.

This means: One who is the truth, the real and truly existing. One whose essence is the only substance and the only reality.

They, whose essence is wisdom, justice, rightness, proper and correct, whose essence is unavoidable, who acts in accord with the needs of every situation, one through whom all righteousness, justice and truth are revealed.

What does being in the world mean to you?
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