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Your Quarter Moon.

“A lot of things are inherent in life -change, birth, death, aging, illness, accidents, calamities, and losses of all kinds- but these events don't have to be the cause of ongoing suffering. Yes, these events cause grief and sadness, but grief and sadness pass, like everything else, and are replaced with other experiences. The ego, however, clings to negative thoughts and feelings and, as a result, magnifies, intensifies, and sustains those emotions while the ego overlooks the subtle feelings of joy, gratitude, excitement, adventure, love, and peace that come from Essence. If we dwelt on these positive states as much as we generally dwell on our negative thoughts and painful emotions, our lives would be transformed.”

Gina Lake

The moon is quite fascinating.

The moon really does race across the sky. I can watch her trajectory through the large panes in my kitchen window which, to my delight, is like watching a moving painting. You can probably tell quite an accurate time, especially at her fullest. This is because the moon inhabits each square of my window and poof, before you know it she has spun out of vision. She then dangles propitiously above someone else’s place, silvery, immensely powerful and such a smooth operator.

My interest in this vital planet has grown since acquiring Ibn Arabi’s diagram of the 28 mansions of the moon and his cosmological connection to the beautiful names of Allah. WB Yeats was also thus inspired and wrote prosaically about the same subject. There is no doubt that the moon has a huge measure of influence on life on earth and reminds us of our humble origin and of our being intrinsic to nature.

August 7th sees the first quarter moon of this month.

It happens to be in Scorpio before it eventually becomes full in the sign of Aquarius on the 13th.

We have Sun in Leo which is Strength and Scorpio is dignified by Pluto. These are Death and Judgement respectively. I did wonder what planet associated with Scorpio before the discovery of Pluto, apparently it was Mars so our warrior friend gets a mention too.

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy in the ephemeris.

This is especially so because Saturn is preparing to go direct, yikes, I can hear the hammer striking the anvil as I write. So head down and best foot forward as we pile drive through a fiery and determined few days.

Let’s take the energy from the previous full moon which was in Capricorn (we seem to be getting a sense of a theme here, pay attention to detail in the work and stability department).

Quarter moons prompt definitive change.

In other words we can’t be dithering about. We must deeply consider our reaction to letting go and respond to change more positively, decisiveness is a good place to start!

Leo and Scorpio are quite a mixture. Neither are easy bedfellows. Both are indisputable leaders but they do it in different ways and with careful handling they could be a force for great goodness and positivity, but misplaced and abused and they become a tinderbox.

Try laying down Strength, Death, Judgement, Emperor and Tower. Take note of how they make you feel and think. What stirs within as you engage with the energy of these cards?

It would seem that our key word for these cards and indeed this period in time is Transformation.

The ego comes under the microscope, has it had too much power or not enough? Does the darkened glass of the illusory world colour our perception of each other and goals we can realistically achieve?

The ego is a fabulous tool for transformative processes and it is likely to be part of the reason we have one. Indeed, in this day and age never has it been more useful. We need the identity that our ego enjoys to make our way in the world but by dealing with the ego in all its chaos, which is part of the human journey, we also evolve and grow. After all we are a soul that has a human, not a human that has a soul.

An aspect of this transformation is a development of the psyche and a mastery of the dynamics of desire.

Calcified patterns can be made redundant as we look into new cycles that are vibrant and life giving. We could find ourselves thinking about stuff that once held so much promise and moved huge mountains. New paths become important and as we scope these we also contemplate self-value with an emphasis on walking our individual truth with courage and confidence.

With the Death card we are moving beyond our limitations, resetting boundaries and coupled with Strength we look for new energy sources. We absorb, archetypally, that which we desire to make alliances with. This could be a person, institution or a personal signature which will be meaningful and productive in the fullness of time. It is a powerful process which encourages expansion.

If we have been slow to experience something new then in this first quarter you will find it is imperative for movement forward to let go!

Another aspect of this is commitment. This brings into view ideas around trust and control. Maybe it is time to face circumstances that robbed you of your trust. What do you mistrust? Is it people, new happenings, the universe? Learn again the freedom of trust as lack of it is so debilitating, trust the process.

Control. Are you orchestrating people and events to the best of your advantage? Are you being overly generous so that you can simply hang on to another? You can afford to be vulnerable. Vulnerability brings choice of action, a clearing in the forest where you gain insight into controlling rituals and habits. Our true power then comes from personal responsibility. By losing control we feel that we might lose our identity. If we lose our identity then we may cease to exist. Death rules ok?!

At this juncture we take time out to consider our inner reality.

We draw power from the very act of contemplation. Switch off the mind babble, tone down the need to do, this is a time to be.

Pluto/Judgement brings us to a resurrection; from old pain springs new life and we have a rebirth. What is essential here, after all that contemplation and processing, is a goal. Where do you see yourself and what are your aims? Do you share that journey with others or are you travelling alone? In Death we find life and a new cycle begins. The trumpet resounds, the pall of the old and outworn fades into the dim lights of the past.

In this phase we see ourselves with the vitality of a child. We are dispelling our insecurities and tearing down the walls that have disallowed seeking lasting inner security. We manage our fears and anxieties as we pop from our cocoon to stand on our own two feet in the bright light of the day and the world at our feet.


This moon phase is essentially about facing a challenge or courageous act.

Make a note of anything that is coming up that requires a stout heart and bravery.

Say what it is that you are afraid of the most about this situation.

Where does this fear come from? How does this fear manifest itself?

What do you think will happen if you stay as you are? If you go with it ?

What decisions do we make and why in order to bring in a new normal?

Write a personal blessing for anything that is posing a challenge. Seek out the beauty of the challenge and write about it. Acknowledge the goodness it will bring you as you conquer your fears. Invite spirit to be your co-walker. Listen to the wisdom and step forward.

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