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Future Gazing, What does it say in the Cards?

“It is your telepathic ability when a person crosses your mind at any point of the day. They came to mind for a reason. They may be attempting to reach out to you. We are all connected by a universal web of consciousness. Through a thread a message makes its way to the mind. One pluck of a string on the web and it sends a telegram through a single sensitive nerve that receives the message and transports it through the brain or heart depending upon the nature of the message and in which it resonates. We're all part of the same web.”
― Jason Micheal Ratliff
Perhaps the most popular perspective of Tarot cards is its potential to see into the future.

Although I wouldn’t call myself a fortune teller I do work with past, present AND future influences that may be trending in a client’s life at the time. I see it as a way of telling a story, a bit like a good tale has a beginning, a middle and an ending. Telling the story gives the listener the chance to step back and get some clarity. There always has to be a point though otherwise it is so unutterably boring if not confusing to have to listen to the jabbering of some erstwhile but underdeveloped psychic as they trample all over your life like an elephant in a charge. Trumpeting, mere trumpeting.

The reading has to lead somewhere, a progressive series of steps along the path, nothing is ever random or accidental. Events are because of the choices we have made or intend to make and are often dependent on responses or reactions we have made to people and situations.

I have found that for the most part people simply don’t have a vision of the future.

Our lives are not conditioned to build the dream. Many new ageisms carry messages about ‘living the dream’ or ‘having the best life yet.’ However these are little more than platitudes. They come from a pop spirituality that is intended to work like prozac and to distract from the technologically imposed isolation as well as the state of lack in a society that ardently prompts self-loathing, bitterness and envy.

Scientists might argue that the spiritual arts belong to the dark ages. But I think that there is a calling for humankind to get to grips with it since it is entirely logical to expect a multi-dimensional reality that operates beyond our two dimensional periphery of vision. This is the time to tear down the walls of limitation and to truly own a future. A future that is created not from the debris of a narcissistic culture that masquerades as individualism but from a deep desire to belong to the planet, to be in our skin. Being spiritual is not about exiting this world but it is about being in the world, the most spiritual thing you can do is to be alive.

Anyhow, back to prediction!

I would say that we can’t intuit what we don’t already know. Your ability to predict comes from your own rich source of wisdom. It is that connection to the collective consciousness in which we all add to as we go along life’s highway. This is why Tarot makes such a good system. They are the keys that unlock the life patterns and make the unconscious at work visible. This is why so many will say that their reading confirmed matters for them, the back of the mind became conscious.

One can’t have a present without a past or a future.

Some might even debate that the future already exists. This may be true but that is a whole new blog. In a reading we are looking for the influences that will shape the future. The cards may even show future potential, or what someone might like the future to be, but as brutal bearers of the truth Tarot will speak of the reality of it all.

Let’s do a three card spread, past present and future.

Let’s avoid Brexit and American politics but we do need something with some common ground that we can see as a benchmark. I nominate Harry, Meghan and Archie, not that I am a royal enthusiast but it is easy to keep up with their activities via the media.

So, take the cards, give them a shuffle and as you do stay focused on the energy of them or the question you are asking. As you draw each card take note of what it feels like, can you relate it to your own experiences. This is not an act of empathy but recognition. What images come to mind and remember that key words and phrases are also important. The shuffle is symbolic of sorting out the chaos in life.

With your left hand, the heart hand and the hand of intuition, split the deck into three. Then put it all back together again. Fan the cards out, face down, select three. (I don’t read reversed.)

The first card I drew for them is Death, this is in the PAST position.

I don’t feel that this a distant history but more recent. (It could be argued that it might suggest Diana’s death having an influence on Harry, which to some degree it might but as we are reading for the three of them, common sense prevails!) As a family they have been through a massive transformation. In Death there is life. Archie’s birth brought them to a point where they needed to be. After a period of being adrift, they can now move forward, being, perhaps, a little clearer on their role and destiny as a family, not only in the public domain but in their personal one.

The second card I drew is the 3 of Pentacles for the PRESENT.

Remember your key words and how this card has turned up for you in previous readings. This shows that they have worked hard at laying down foundations for the future. They have several projects which will be well received in the right quarters but they must believe unquestioningly in their objectives and goals. They are well thought of and this will continue and grow as they become more confident in their plans. There is a sense of a shared destiny, (3 for 3!) a karmic involvement which will be very intriguing to watch unfold. The established order is keen for them to play out their image of current, modern royals with a purpose.

Interesting! For the FUTURE card I pulled the 6 of Swords. To clarify I drew another card which is the World.

From this we can get a sense of travel. In the first instance we can see that they experience turmoil and discomfort and have the urge to escape. The 6 of Swords tells them that you can’t hide from who you are but you have to take yourself with you wherever you go! However, by moving away they will see the light at the end of the tunnel and will eventually find peace but it may not be in this country. Their actions will be based on decisions that are balanced and practical. The World card also signifies balance and harmony but they may not find it in the UK. It may also indicate that Meghan and Harry will be ambassadors of some description and business plans look successful. Distant shores are calling them, a cycle is complete and they will embark on a new one that may mean things as they have known it may not be the same again. My impression is that they have been aware of that fact as an eventuality and could be why they got together in the first place, comrades in arms!

We can of course go deeper but for the purpose of this blog we shall keep it simple.

Three card spreads can be very informative so don’t think that a bigger spread will give even more details. It all depends on your insights, your knowledge of the cards, your sensitivity and your brilliant and amazing reading style!

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