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A Postcard from Heaven...

“May this marriage be blessed. May this marriage be as sweet as milk andhoney. May this marriage be as intoxicating as old wine. May this marriage be fruitful like a date tree. May this marriage be full of laughter andeveryday a paradise. May this marriage be a seal of compassionfor here and hereafter. May this marriage be as welcome as the full moon in the night sky. Listen lovers, now you go on, as I becomesilent and kiss this blessed night.”

― Rumi

A postcard from heaven…

Not to say ‘wish you were here’ but more about 'I love you.' We are inextricably linked to spirit, whatever your idea of spirit might be. It is a kind of marriage, a relationship that endures the journey of eternity. For the most part in this life we get to know the presence of our own spirit and for some of us there is the quest to know the spirit in all things. For some it is the spirit that animates even the smallest of rocks, for others it is about connecting to guides, inspirers and co-walkers in the spirit world. There is no doubt about it that connection is marriage-like in its description and we do share a mutual respect with our spirit partners and collaborators. The most powerful aspect of this relationship is that it is all about love, growth and healing. Let’s face it, our life goes by in the blink of an eye and we could do with all the help we can get if we are to reach even a smidgen of our potential. If our gift to the world is our light then spirit will show us how to shine it. One thing I can say that I have witnessed for myself is that the universe really does hold us in the palm of her hand...in return? Live a life, that is all.

I drew the 10 of Pentacles.

As a 10 it represents Malkuth in the Kabbalah. It is our place in our kingdom, the world, our physical representation of spirit as on the earth plane.

This card denotes ancestral wisdom that has brought positive achievements. A worldly life which brings satisfaction through a life well lived.

This 10 brings stability. The stability is the building block for ongoing happiness. An investment in the future which may also reach into the non-corporeal. Accomplishments bring good fortune. If you look at your life and what you would like to have in this life, both the material and otherwise, then this card embodies all of that. Invest in yourself and all that life has to offer.

If the 10 of Pentacles was a postcard from heaven it might read like this:


As a human being you are naturally very creative, you may not quite fully understand this but all that you do is an act of creativity. The way you move, communicate, think and interact with each other is a mimicry of creation itself.

You have surrounded yourself with traditions and values which are important to living a life in a meaningful way but they should not supplant the truth of your place and vision in the wider collective wisdom. To fully realize this, one has to be able to flow, to be part of the organic cycles of nature.

You are part of a community. Not just an earthly one but a spiritual one as well. The communicators in spirit are always trying to remind humankind that community and fellowship continues after the last breath.

Be balanced in your affairs. Be mindful of your skills and talents. You have them to make your way in the world but they are also a way of developing insights into the marvels and miracles of life. As a soul with a human you can share these insights with each other.

Convention and dogma are not always required to gain importance or credence; too much and your voice is stilted and it becomes the dialogue of lack and limitation.

Cultivate the ability to see things from the point of view in another. This is a way of respecting yourself, a step towards self love. You can’t walk a mile in the shoes of another but you can witness their journey. This supports a shared consciousness.

Humankind is indeed one big family but moreover you have your own. Avoid being glued to them, let the wind blow free amongst you. Go out into the world with courage and confidence, knowing your roots are strong and you can return to the family at any time.

Live in the moment but know that the moment comes from your past and will pay forward into the future.

All your clan, tribe, community, family, whatever you want to call your spirit people are connected to you through love, a thread that stretches from time immemorial to the far shores of the future. Your very presence on earth is the continuity of eternal life both on the Earth and in spirit.

No life is without purpose. It is your destiny to discover what that is. We are here to love you and light the way.

May the Earth’s bounty and blessings be all yours and more. xxx

Maybe you want to try this yourself. Randomly pull a card. Take some time to tune into its message.

Write it as a letter from the spirit. Allow a message to come forth. How is spirit showing love and wisdom from the world of light? Don’t hold back nor limit yourself. Remember it is in your heart.

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