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Woundology. Healing the Wound.

"Within ourselves, there are voices that provide us with all the answers that we need to heal our deepest wounds, to transcend our limitations, to overcome our obstacles or challenges, and to see where our soul is longing to go."

Debbie Ford

Healing the wound is something that is central to my work.

At the heart of the Querent's conundrum there is the desire is to know the wound, to supplicate of its wisdom, to drink from its wealth of self-knowledge. But first the eyes must see, the eye that sits within the heart. The veil must fall and the dark wound that offers so much brightness must be revealed in all its glory.

We live in a sensual world.

We navigate our way along using our senses. We try to discover our potential, our capacity for life, we hope to live as evolving beings in a creative worldly life. This is the calling of the soul, to find new integration, understanding and a balance between the mind, body, spirit. Our birthright is bliss, to be happy in this incarnation, enjoying the fruits of our labours without succumbing to the sensual extremes that can create anxiety, stress and inadequacy in our social existences. Being in the world tests the conditioning factors of our incarnation.

I want to talk about the wound that is handed down through the generations, the ancestral wound in the midst of the light of a consciousness that bore us.

On many occasions during a sitting I have become aware that a healing is required of something that lies deep in the abyss of the psyche. That the wound of the previously incarnate has re-emerged as part of a journey through the physical world. This may not be wholly defining but it is fundamental to the shaping of experience which leads to a personal truth.

Here’s another thing…

Very often I have found that the sitter in question has a trait that not everyone who has a consultation presents with, a double hemisphere. By this I mean that the left, linear brain, the I am, is aligned to the right, conceptual brain, the we are. You could describe these two hemispheres as being like two distinctly different countries, two people almost. Each has their own job and each keeps a rigorous balance between the anima and the animus. (This is not exclusive but incidental.) It’s interesting is it not that this type of healing is apparent in such a personal dynamic? It is certainly worthy of further research but for now let’s say that this ancestral healing, although performed by shamans for centuries has become a modern form of mediumship.

The wound can be as a result of denial to recognise the necessity to become in the intended plan for embodiment.

This can result in a perpetuation of a difficult cycle within relationships, a health issue that is continual, feelings of low personal worth or a melancholy that sits in the centre of inspired creativity; the list could go on but all of these things are an opportunity for healing. This healing raises the vibration and increases the power of a life force. It also challenges resistance to the psychic and spiritual aspects of life, a diminishing of the mundane view of self.

Our challenge has been and always will be that our light does not become snuffed by the darker forces at work in the world.

As we raise our vibration, we also raise the vibration of our ancestors. It is a tool, a way for overcoming the dynamics at work that diminish the source of life itself. No-one gets left behind.

To heal the ancestral wound we must be prepared to have an important encounter with the other world, to undertake a confrontation with intellectual processes and spiritual beliefs. It shows a need to grow an enlightened perspective of the higher realms and bring about a fresh awareness past, present and future.

All of this brings in the pure light of the soul, which is our gift to the world as we incarnate here.

To shine that light is the primary drive of the soul activated by the ambience of spirit. This is the nature of the Fool as he becomes in this world. If the shining of the light is denied then a wound is created. By tracing the source of the wound like a river to a sea, then we stand a chance of eventually becoming whole and wise…all of us.

Try this exercise. Answer the questions with your Tarot cards.

  • How am I represented at this time?

  • How do I relate to my ancestors?

  • What work do I need to do?

  • What do I need to complete?

  • What does the ancestral wound look like?

  • How can I heal this?

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