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All the Threes

“21. Take in a great breath of air and then blow it out. Contained in that single breath were at least three nitrogen atoms that were breathed by every human being who ever lived, including Jesus Christ, William Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, and every president of the United States. This illustrates the fact that everything we do affects other people, positively or negatively. That’s why it is foolish to say, “Do your own thing if it doesn’t hurt anybody else.” Everything we do affects other people.”

― James C. Dobson, Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

What is it about the three that is so enticing, enigmatic and enthralling?

From our very early years as children the number three is indelibly imprinted into our psyche. The three forms a geometrical figure, the triangle. It is the number of time, past, present and future; birth, life and death; beginning, middle and ending. Three is the sacred number in many religions and it is also the number of magic.

Pythagorus who was THE master dude with all things mathematical and when done with his theorem into the accountability of numbers he worked with them to describe his world. Pythagorus saw three kinds of men who came to the Olympic games. There was the guy who came to buy and sell, the man who came to compete and the kind who came to look on. Wisdom, honour and commerce. It would seem that this is the criteria for life.

When a three slaps onto the table it can be a mixture of pleasure or uncertainty.

I would say that the three is a number of expansion, we have the one but can’t exist without the two which is supported by three...and so on. The building blocks of living a life. We can also say that the threes are an aspect of the Empress. Creativity, abundance, encompassing and circumspect. Sounds like expansion to me!


This three is so joyous in its depiction and it certainly encourages us to think about the magic and fun that life can be. But as in all of the cards it does have its shadow as well.

LOVE. If you are looking for love then you won’t find it indoors unless you are on a fabulous and trusted dating site! Get your glad rags on and get out, be more sociable and encourage friends to have gatherings. There is nothing quite like a love interest initiated through a pal. It can also be inspiring you to take more time out to enjoy your interests and pastimes; fall in love with life. In a long-standing relationship it can indicate a time for tripping the light fantastic and to show each other off a little bit. However, this three comes up when there is a suspected affair so always check the surrounding cards but one of the pair has possibly been a bit too sociable!

WORK. It is certainly a time for collaboration and interaction. This is not the time for isolation and achievement is done through group effort. It may mean that you have a group of bosses which can test your loyalty but overall it is upwards and onwards as a team.

HEALTH. This is really mind, body, spirit stuff and you are being reminded that all three are connected. If you have been gloomy or lonely then getting out into the world and seeing it as a place of magic and beauty will ease your burdens and lighten your spirit.


LOVE. This three shows heartbreak and disillusion. It is possible you are drawing towards you challenging relationships and now is the time for breaking the cycle; how much abuse can you take? This card is the card of transcendence and is urging your heart to rise above the difficulty and see the problems from a different and more elevated perspective. The heartbreak can be a catalyst for growth, maturity and wisdom.

WORK. It would seem that there is some serious problem-solving going on and it might be that you can’t see the solution without somebody else’s perspective. Try not to be stubborn and give someone else the credit where it maybe due. It is not who is right but what is right.

HEALTH. This three can show a problematical time healthwise. You are being reminded of how important your wellbeing really is. It can indicate a visit to the doctor or hospital and suggests surgery. Do listen to the health experts to avoid calamity and pain.


LOVE. Your relationship is about to grow. Perhaps you are planning a family or a house move or both. Things are on the go! If you are single you can explore new horizons so look in unexpected places, step out of your normal comfort zone and uncover a whole new world.

WORK. It is likely that you are well regarded for your skills and talents and your expertise will be sought by others. Travel over water is well aspected and could be a permanent job move or something more transient. Make sure you are acknowledged for your efforts as it is likely that your input has been considerable.

HEALTH. This is a good time. Your health is optimum and your life force is on max. All that effort is now paying off but more exercise is indicated so a gym regime will not go amiss. Stress could be a downside to your health so make sure you get holidays and rest times and feel the benefit!


LOVE. You are a traditionalist and you work well with the tried and tested. You enjoy a good old fashioned romance and this card is saying that if you are in a committed relationship it may be that you will get the red roses and chocolates routine. Singletons will probably find love from tried and tested sources or with individuals who are grounded and ready to make a go of love. Either way, new-fangled approaches to committed relationships won’t work. It is important to celebrate love and those who love you.

WORK. You have laid down some firm foundations and are now ready to build. You are very well thought of; make this work for you. This is a time for rolling out projects and you can be confident that they will be well received. Believe in yourself because if you don’t then nobody else will. The self-employed are now ready to grow their business. Confidence is the key to everything.

HEALTH. This is not a time to change what has been working for you. Health regimes can get boring but if it ain’t broke why fix it? Instead look at the benefit of having healthy habits that work for you. Buy into life force, avoid toxic people and situations and be around only those who have your best interests at heart. See how far you have come and continue with the good stuff.

I hope these brief outlines of the threes have been helpful. Remember your keywords and add to them as you go along on your Tarot journey.

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