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Transformation or a Fusion of Illusion and Reality

“I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me.”

― Anais Nin

Tarot is hot stuff when it comes to transformation.

As soon as we begin to learn the meaning and structure of the cards the very word transformation is indelibly imprinted onto our mind. Then quite soon, just a few steps into the journey, the ‘T’ word percolates to the surface of our reasoning as swiftly and as easily as a surfacing humpback whale and we trot out a definition as efficiently as the blow from the said whale.

It seems that the very act of being human is all about transformation.

I wonder how many others outside the bubble of the Tarot world actually think about transformation in any great detail? Perhaps not too many. Whilst I was researching this newsletter I saw that much of the thinking around transformation is connected to sadness and pain and strife. It is rare to find a happy stream of consciousness connected to transformation and yet it implies healing and bringing about vast improvements.

Transformation by its very nature requires for us to let go, to move on, to change.

We humans are not good at that, we find letting go tough stuff. We are riddled with attachments all in the hope that we ‘remain.' The uncertainty and the unknowing are reminiscent of our dreams of nihilation; if we let go then perhaps we might just expire, poof!...gone...we somehow might cease to exist. In part this may not necessarily be an untruth. There is a part of us which will cease to exist as we go through the transformational processes that are life itself. We are not the same person we were 5 years ago, 10 years ago or 20 years ago. We may feel as though we have stayed the same but there have been subtle shifts and for some of us even bigger ones. As these shifts occur, we become someone else.

Transformation means moving from one state of being into another.

Triggers for this process can often be quite painful and grief can be experienced. The grief may not actually be about relinquishing the relationship or person. It may not be about moving from a home you have loved or the loss of a pet and so on but it can be about the loss of who you were in that relationship, job or home. We are a different person, indeed, as a result of the experience it has ensured we have transitioned into a new individual.

A healing needs to happen at this point. A reconciliation, the illusion has to catch up with the reality.

As the consultant, one should be aware of what the transformation looks like and how it is expressing itself in the client. We are resurrected through new cycles, the body, the mind, the spirit. Our consciousness is forged in the crucible of experience. Cycles happen in everything, relationships, depth of passion, likes and dislikes and nature. We contract and expand under the weight of a cycle.

Hope is key here and that hope comes in the form of a new perspective.

The Tarot card that is the harbinger of change, rebirth and transformation is Death. Primarily, that is what we do when we undertake a cycle, the old dies so that the new can have life and substance. Death is the the card that marks the threshold just before the total collapse of the old modes and perspectives; all must go before new life can begin. The end of an old order brings about a new normal. Discarding the surface mind does not come easily. We can see the preparation for the death of an old cycle in the Hermit as we go within, to those dark and dusty recesses. Hanged Man waits for the Wheel to transport him to the depths of his soul in order to emerge into the light, whole and harmonious with his new being.

Death and transformation are not absolute.

They don’t operate on a continuum. They are not the end, nothing actually dies. Death is not a bus terminus where we all get off and then that is it. Instead, Death is part of an evolutionary process, we can see from this that Death and transformation are pathways. There are no overnight excitements. It is a progression towards a risen consciousness. For me stagnation is Death, the uncultivated spirit is Death, that which no longer serves is Death.

Death is life.

A reading by its very nature is about self-awareness. It is a dive into the innermost levels of being. Looking at transformation in a reading is to seek out the reality. To face with courage and confidence, what is to come is where the healing work comes into its own. To see the hope on the horizon, the vast improvements that are to come. Devil, Tower and Moon are liberated by Death. We can expect a change in karma, thought, action and consequence take on a new direction. The flowing streams of the past become memories of a power to will at the time. Death and transformation are an individual experience yet we all understand what it means to go through the process. Compassion and an open heart will steer both the reader and the seeker towards a spiritual renewal. The healing is in the act of surrender, we can wave the white flag and bear witness to the inevitable.

Tarot is a wonderful healing modality.

Tarot provides the opportunity to explore the challenges of transformation and Death whether we read for ourselves or for somebody else. Think about the times you have received the Death card. What did that mean to you? What happened after you received it? Conscious transformation means we are aware of going through a change and owning it, as opposed to just letting it happen. When was the last time you steered yourself through a needful change? What was the result? What are your key words for the experience of Death and rebirth? Tune into those words and become familiar with their dynamics.

Live to Love!
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