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The Spirit of Christmas

“You know I wouldn’t want to meddle with your book,” he said. “You’ll know what’s best to put in it. But there's one last thing I want to say to the people of the world. If you would, put it at the very back of your book, so people will remember it most.”
“I’ll be happy to do whatever you ask,” I said.
“I know that, Alden, I know that,” Santa said. “You’re one of the fine people of the earth.” He didn't see my blush at his compliment; he was looking out at the snowy horizon.
“Here’s what I want to say. At Christmastime, people suddenly turn loving and unselfish. They start to share with others, and they notice how happy it makes them. They give and give and don’t really expect anything in return.
“Even nations get the Christmas spirit. More than once I’ve taken off on Christmas Eve a little worried about the guns and missiles I was sure to encounter—only to find that the warring countries had declared a Christmas truce.”
He paused again, and we stopped walking. Santa grasped my arm and spoke more earnestly. “Tell the people that Christmas is the best time of the year—oh, they know that. But why can’t we make the whole year like that? Why can’t we be loving and sharing all year ‘round—even when others aren’t loving and sharing back?
“Alden, you know me. I’m not a preachy guy. I’ve said my piece. But tell the people that, please. Please?” He stared at me for a moment, his eyes not wavering, and then he gave me a great big bear hug. “And tell all my kids they’re the greatest thing on Earth,” he whispered in my ear.”

― Alden Perkes, The Santa Claus Book

One of the things that makes Christmas time so special for me is the opportunity to connect to my spirit.

When the frenzy of the preparations are over and the gifts are wrapped, the tree all bedecked in her finery and things start to settle, then I can begin to think about the people I have known and loved who I have shared Christmas with at some point or another. Maybe they are in the next world or moved away or somehow the connection has gone. I raise a glass to them and offer my gratitude for their contribution to a time of year that has been a favourite milestone of each passing year and hopefully will remain so long after I am gone.

Some of those people were part of my spiritual adventure and shaped my heart.

It is those quiet moments of contemplation when one remembers and it is in that remembering that one can find a place of deep understanding and knowing. We can get a sense of our evolution, our great age and our wisdom that on an everyday basis we might forget so how wonderful it is to touch base with our humanity and the journey it has taken through the ages.

It is said that at Christmas time those in spirit gather together and replenish, renew and reconnect.

Silver Birch, perhaps the most famous Spirit guide of all time has this to say:

‘‘Because these festivals were held in the world of matter, they are celebrated in the world of spirit. A spiritual meaning has now come out of them. Instead of celebrating the dawn of the new life, we now use it to withdraw from the world of matter to get new power of the spirit so that we can bring new light to your world. And because those of us who are associated in this task belong to more ancient races than your Western civilisation, we utilise these festivals as opportunities for withdrawing to the inner spheres where we belong.

We take counsel, we share experiences, we learn how far we have succeeded or failed. New plans are discussed. We meet those who sent us on our mission. Among them is the great figure of the Nazarene, who is still imbued with the task of teaching humanity the age-old truth enshrined in all that we seek to do.’’

As we contemplate our spirit and our journey, so do they. That thought gives great comfort and power.

If you can find the opportunity amidst your Christmas plans, do take a moment for contemplation, take that time to resonate with the meaning that Christmas has for you. Enjoy your reflection, seek out the wisdom and the peace of it all.

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