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The Pages, a personal emissary.

“My message to you is this: pretend that you have free will. It's essential that you behave as if your decisions matter, even though you know they don't. The reality isn't important: what's important is your belief, and believing the lie is the only way to avoid a waking coma. Civilization now depends on self-deception. Perhaps it always has.”

― Ted Chiang, Stories of Your Life and Others.

The Pages in Tarot, in some ways, are so easy to overlook.

They seem so tiny in relation to the other cards. The little guy that runs on his two small feet next to the Knight on his prancing horse making the Knight seem even bigger, apart from, of course, the Knight of Pentacles whose horse stands resolute but is so full of swag and glamour that he is going to be massive anyway.

I imagine the Court cards to be part of my own internal palace, probably a bit of a dysfunctional place but a palace nonetheless. Even Rumi says that ‘A great man is a palace in ruins.’ I understand this, my Court characters are often underdeveloped personalities but that, surely, is the point. It is through their dialogue with each other and ultimately with us that they evolve and we become whole.

It is noted that Pages are messengers.

I don’t think that it is about the world sending a message to the palace which the page brings to the Knight who delivers it to the Queen who hands it to the King for his royal stamp of approval but rather the other way around. The Court figures are movers and groovers of the unconscious. That subterranean world wants to emerge into the light of day at all times but because it has few tools to do this its language of symbols and imagery have to facilitate its emergence. Synchronicity occurs which becomes an event.

Anyhow, the King who has the authority takes the power of an emerging desire, idea or inspired moment and asks the Queen to add her creative, wise and discerning essence to it which she then hands to the Knight who prescribes the action and then gives it to the Page to send out into the world. Our little guy suddenly becomes a giant amongst us, he has the task of shaping what is to come. The Page is our emissary in the liminal space between the ether and the physical plane.

We live in a symbolic world.

Everything is a symbol and on a deep level people, places, environments all represent what we bring into the world from our deepest self. We could say that whilst the Court cards can be actual people or events including places we inhabit, they are indeed representations of our interior landscape. The Page has brought a message of what we want to externalise in our own backyard.

Part of the dynamic of the Page is a search for deeper meanings.

His curiosity requires learning and study. This is not an easy place to be as he can get caught up in this and become a bit of a study junkie, never knowing when to switch off from all the cross pollination of ideas and beliefs. He sometimes is unable to take that step towards the focus and the vision in the message. Skepticism, doubt and even an inflated sense of self can waylay the loyal and brave Page. He must learn to work with his ego so it aligns with the truth of the spirit. Perspective is everything. Pages are the markers towards spiritual mastery and maturity. In the end we become the message itself. The message made manifest.

I have described the Pages as ‘he’. This is only for the sake of a narrative and does not imply a preference or infer a gender specific identification.


Southwest. Uriel. Mercury. This Page is focusing on health. Our health is our wealth and we must do all that we can to maintain the wellbeing of the palace! If we are to succeed in our ventures optimum energy and nutrition is required.

This card shows that we have the beginnings of some great ideas around business and money earning schemes but they need further development. Success is likely and one will be proud of their achievements.

Education and coursework will bring success also and add interest to the personality.

This could also be about teaching or training and perhaps we have got to that place where we could guide others. If this is the case then self belief is vital, confidence is the key to everything.

Own your triumphs, playing small didn’t get anyone anywhere, false humility is such a drain of energy.

Paying attention to what needs to be done brings about a transformation whereby advancement to a whole new level can be attained.


Southeast. Raphael. Venus.

A dreamer and a visionary, a sensitive soul who has a predilection for arts and science. He seeks the best in mankind and what can be achieved, this must come from his depth, his soul purpose.

This Page revels in reading signs and omens and leans towards the mystical in describing life.

Introspective, intuitive and self analytical, he heals through meditation and music.

Highly perceptive of others, he is influenced by this skill in his creativity.

We are reminded that compassion is an energy alive in the universe and when we care it truly does make a difference. He speaks of redemption not just for us but in the world and of the world.

The search for purity may misdirect us if we are not sure why we look for it but the belief in life itself, especially a spiritual life born from the amniotic waters of one’s own soul.

This Page will go on the journey of understanding love at its deepest level.


Northwest. Michael. Jupiter.

This Page is skilled in debate and quick thinking. He has a prowess in intellectual reasoning and as such is best suited to research and discovery. There is an element of a liking for tradition and the established. Unafraid of conflict he can march into a situation and defend his corner. A sophist, he can sometimes be too analytical and take things too far.

This card reminds us to stand in our own power and to deal with imagined fears and delusion.

We are reminded not to use our intelligence for spying or gossip but to be astute in our understanding of others and to trust our decisions.

Ideas and the study of process in all things brings about new life and regeneration.


Northeast. Gabriel. Mars.

This Page is very resourceful and understands the ways of the Earth. A lover of nature and all things natural, he is very much his own person. He has vitality and looks to the future with his ideas, these must be put into a plan and then into an action. Playful and adventurous he trusts that all will be well.

A possible healer, he sees transformation come through the power of art and creativity. A believer in the cycles of life he knows that things happen when they are supposed to.

This card encourages us to reach out and accept support in our endeavours and to do things for the greater good of all.

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