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Art of the 6 of Wands

“It will all be in vain, to try and look at the world through a small window and hope to comprehend its complexities. Only those who boldly step out into it, will experience and learn things that are beyond their own understanding.”

― Wayne Chirisa

I am usually very happy to see the 6 of Wands. I feel that I have won something when it shows up, but is that its true meaning, victory?

Let’s take a look at the sixes. To do that we should go to the fours where we have the false sense of security and conservative comforts. Then we move to the fives and the pathos of the human condition, the existential crisis that besets human endeavour. It is a time of tension and stress. From here we move into the sixes maybe we can recognise the dynamics of the Hanged Man at this point, we are in a place of stasis, we reach a point where we have to cultivate a fresh perspective and attitude.

We step back and look at our relationship to the world we inhabit, the environment we have made, who are we? Or more to the point where are we? How do we nurture self and not compromise our capacity for compassion?

The story of 6 is the drive towards creativity and self-expression, a release from the lower consciousness in 4 and 5.

The 6 is the number of beauty. It is Tiferet in the Tree of Life. The King and the Groom, Shekinah, the Bride hopes to meet with her Groom and create balance and harmony. Turmoil and disorder has ended. This is part of a transformational process which brings us nearer to a deeper awareness of who we are and where previous life choices may be taking us.

The 6 of Wands is a dawning of a new phase of creativity which leads to a sense of success.

Having broken through the confusion and struggle in the 5, restriction is lifted and there is a whole new vista awaiting exploration. This success is not the triumph of blaring trumpets and streams of bunting, but more, achievement through taking well chosen incremental steps forward. With this comes a feeling of self-satisfaction and a job well done. Hope and vitality are the rewards for this 6, we are renewed.

The 6 of Wands speaks of deep potential and creative pathways leading to fulfilment.

Jason and the Argonauts bring home the golden fleece and everyone rejoices. Success brings leadership and confirmation that any goals are in alignment with destiny. What we turn our hand to will bring good results.

Old habits are broken and one is released from outmoded patterns, we find a new idea of integrity and workable ethics.

Success and leadership are well placed in our hands as we realise our spiritual ability.

We are drawn towards community, like-minded people and a shared view in which we suddenly find ourselves enlightened and we are voices for the collective expression.

When this 6 falls onto the table we are reminded of our interdependency on each other, the need to belong and fit in. Community and collaboration and a common spiritual belief are the necessary criteria for a healthy and whole new beginning.

A mini spread for the 6 of Wands.

What is my key skill?

How can I share it with others?

Do I communicate effectively?

Am I ready for leadership?

What does that look like?

Where will the next step take me?

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