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What is not to love about the 9 of Wands.

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis.' One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger--but recognize the opportunity.”

― John F. Kennedy
Nines represent the magical aspect of numbers in the prime ordinal series from 0 to 9.

The nines are the highest interweave of the whole series. They are not a place to rest but they are an end to a phase which indicates that we must be soon on our feet and making a transition into a higher state of being.

Nine offers a place to observe where we are and where we ultimately could be heading to within ourselves. We will make these observances but only as to what is appropriate to the level of our understanding. So, nine is not so much a consciousness raiser but a signpost as to where we are. In effect they challenge us to recognise our limited ideas, eventually perhaps, reminding us to think bigger, aspire higher and believe more deeply.

In the RWS deck we see the bandaged man amidst a bunch of wands, each one representing passion, ideas, connectivity and communication.

It is like our hero has fought his way through the dark forest, hacked away the thorns, driven off the wild boar and successfully picked the right path to bring him into the clearing bearing his wounds. He is world-weary and spiritually fatigued.

One can only imagine that because of this, shall we say initiation, he has a need to let in a higher kind of awareness, a new way to see things. His travails have made him resourceful.

Perhaps we must look more deeply into the root cause of our dilemma and challenges.

The 9 of Wands tends to turn up at a time of crisis.

It shows that we are walking a gravel path. It is a time of uncertainty and shadow. However, this can’t be about being complacent in struggle or being flaky with one’s suffering. Accepting a poor lot will not help us. This is about standing up in the face of adversity and committing to a resolution.

The 9 of Wands shows us repression. Our passion, fire and intensity has been buried beneath the worldly, physical problems and disillusionment. Repression is not good for the spirit because it blankets everything in a dark shadow which can lead to psychosomatic disturbances. It is therefore worthwhile to look at what it is we are repressing and why.

We are shown the need to return to our talents and skills and what burns in our heart. This has to be a truthful process. Dallying with fanciful ideas and wild imaginary wandering will not support us. The questions are: What is our passion? What have we ignored and now must do?

We might find that a life situation will bring us to these questions. They have to be answered if we are to live a life that is healthy and whole.

The 9 of Wands is strength and courage amidst a dangerous situation.

It is having the bravery and confidence to face what is to come. Maybe, due to circumstances, we are feeling vulnerable or alone. This is not the time to hide behind that vulnerability. We must allow that feeling to create the courage required to move along and to take the next step. Sometimes we have to steel the heart and simply trust.

There is potential here that is unrecognised and the challenge one is facing will bring it all to the surface to be dealt with. Insecurity and anxiety will exacerbate the situation but these can be the very schemes that bury ever deeper our passion and it is that passion that will be the vehicle to redemption.

Whilst we have to be careful of running away from the reality of living in the physical world, at the same time we must be prepared to take an honest look at what floats the boat. Are we serving our spiritual path, are we living in a half light?

This nine asks us to question the normalcy of life, the institutions, the rules and agendas. The system can help us but we do need to know what it is that we are passionate about. Stamp collecting? Be the best philatelist. Art? Study a great painter to be one yourself. Writer? Put the book together. Community worker? Be of service. Crafts person? Have your own cottage industry. Who knows where our talents and passion may lead us.

Dreams lie on the other side of fear.

*Am I truly living my own passion?

*Do I prefer to support others as they connect to their passion, if so why?

*What have I buried and why?

*What is it that makes me afraid to reveal my true passion?

*What are the life experiences that encourage me to emerge my talents?

*What am I tired of?

*Can I acknowledge my insecurity?

*Can I recognise my personal resources?

*How will my resources help me?

*What is my relationship to vulnerability?

*Am I prepared to be courageous and confident?

Write down your thoughts and maybe devise a plan of action that will bring you to a place of clarity and strength.

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