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All the Kings,

“For surely a king is first a man. And so it must follow that a king does as all men do: the best he can.”

― Cameron Dokey, The Storyteller's Daughter: A Retelling of the Arabian Nights
What role does the King play?

He is the top boy in the palace, the ultimate authority, he is the one that affirms all life. I see him as the one who receives the grand plan, he grabs it from the ether and decides that he will make it happen. But even he can’t do it all by himself, otherwise it would be a very lonely palace.

The Queen softens the plan with her creative, conceptual nuances, the Knight gives the plan the action and will, whilst the lowly page begins the manifestation of the blueprint in the exoteric world. His message is ‘Look out world, make room, we have something emerging here!’

The King as animus is the one who is going to make sure that the plan is externalised in the physical world.

The plan will have form and contours, textures and an ability to grow and evolve. He insists on life happening, somehow.

The place of Kings is usually one of making choices for the greater good as opposed to serving the self alone. What we learn from this is that when we transform or evolve the self, the world becomes transformed also.

We are all Kings and Queens, Knights and Pages. What we witness in the court cards is the creative dynamic. It is the interweave of our inner creative entities that manifest the life we live.

We could say that the Kings are part of an awakening process.

‘Self illumination is bound to the illumination of others’. It starts with the King as, apart from the Queen, the others are not yet as developed in the breadth of consciousness to sustain or even think of the next, evolved step.

Our Kings rely on the wisdom and inner depth of the Queen for realisation and activation, the rest is pure dynamics, until such a time as the Knight can take the place of the King.


This King has strong intellectual powers. He is analytical and possibly a bit cold and he has the capacity to take concepts and roll them all together into a cohesive order of sequence and action. Highly intelligent, he too can be a bit disconnected from his emotions and prefers instead philosophical debate and logical vistas. The King of Swords can be a control freak and must be aware that sometimes he is not leading but merely managing. He deludes his own authority.

However, he can see all sides of an argument and so can be a valuable member of the team.

Truth and conviction are paramount to him but he has to refrain from seeing the rest as lesser mortals. He can’t sustain his position without the input of others. Fundamentally, he tells us that we are to stand up for what we believe in; we can do that by being fully informed and best prepared.


This is the worldly ruler. He is the business man, a whizz with money, he can afford to think lavishly and enjoy the meaning of abundance. His emotional relationship to money is one that is sound and productive and he uses his material well being to protect and preserve those he cares about.

He is aware of what makes others tick and he responds by ensuring a full larder and good health. It could be said that he can be emotionally disconnected from people as his love for materialism can be a powerful force for him, so he must be careful to channel this love through altruism and social conscience.

His presence in a reading often asks us to be mindful of our harvest, be it material or spiritual. He reminds us of the importance of being grounded and on point when it comes to our health and finances. Life is so much more meaningful when we are dealing with our earthly stuff; be organised and focussed. Nothing happens by itself.


This King is wonderful in an emergency and reaches out to those in need. His positive outlook and a strong faith make him charismatic and charming. He has principles and seeks reform and justice in all things. He shows loyalty to those he loves but he does need emotional reassurance himself sometimes.

The King of Wands loves consistency and continuity, especially around work and wealth. However there is a free spirit in there that needs to be expressed. He teaches that we can have it all but with balance.


This King is the mystic, the musician, the magician. He is on an endless path of transformation. Mainly, he is calm and patient but can be prone to a hissy fit if he is rejected or unfulfilled.

He also has a tendency to be remote and pensive and like water, he is always searching for his own level. He can be described as a problem solver with a motivation towards the arcane and occult.

The King of Cups has to understand his creative prowess, and not only that, but to believe in it too. He teaches that being sensitive can allow us to be highly attuned to people or situations which is a superpower and not a detriment.

  • Am I aware of what I want to happen in my world?

  • How do I make a plan for manifesting what is workable?

  • Will being of service be appropriate ?

  • Am I speaking my own truth?

  • How can I better express myself?

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