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The Chariot and the Power to Will.

“The link between willpower and decision making works both ways: Decision making depletes your willpower, and once your willpower is depleted, you’re less able to make decisions. If your work requires you to make hard decisions all day long, at some point you’re going to be depleted and start looking for ways to conserve energy. You’ll look for excuses to avoid or postpone decisions. You’ll look for the easiest and safest option, which often is to stick with the status quo: Leave the prisoner in prison.”
― Roy F. Baumeister, Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength
I recently discovered that Freud was a Taurean. He was born on the 6th May in what was Moravia but is now the Czech Republic.

I don’t know why I should be so surprised that he should be born under the sign of the bull. I would have associated him more with Gemini or Scorpio. Upon consideration, however, it occurred to me that he could not be anything else. Someone said that Freud dealt with the basement and Jung dealt with the loft.

Freud is famously known for founding psychoanalysis, in particular the theory of the unconscious, repression, the Oedipal complex, hysteria in women and the libido or sexual drive.

To quote WH Auden ‘Freud had a whole climate of opinion, under whom we conduct different lives.’

I have never been a huge supporter of Freud’s theories.

Particularly when he speaks within the context of the feminine although to be fair I should take into account that for his time and era he was probably revolutionary. The good old Victorians were so fond of a bit of repression especially amongst the women folk and their right to be in the slightest bit human. His treatise on transference is still of interest especially as a Tarot consultant we should be aware of this dynamic. However, I don’t want to waffle on about any of these things, partly as I am not a scholar of the Freudian academy and also because I disagree with some of his postulations!

Freud may well have lambasted against the ‘New Age’ movement but he did have an interest in the occult. He may have found Tarot to be of interest in its symbolic language.

The word I want to work with today is ‘Libido.' Freud would have been familiar with this word.

He spoke about libido as a sexulaised energy within which everything becomes eroticised and forms an attachment which drives the will.

When I think of which Tarot card might align with will, I think of the Magician but when I associate will with libido I get the Chariot.

I see the Magician as the Charioteer, the Apolline blast of energy that drives the spirit ever onwards, strewing his skills and talents along Destiny’s winding road.

In a cosmic sense, the Charioteer can symbolise the Merkabah, as described by Ezekiel as the vehicle of ascent or the flaming chariot of Elijah. The aim of the Charioteer is to reach the highest possible realization and self-knowledge.

More mundanely, the Charioteer’s job is to reflect on his journey and know when to take it easy and when to pull the stops out and go for the opportunities. This requires the power to will, the dynamic of will is the libido or drive.

We can perhaps consider that the libido is a mimicry of a sexual nature as it is the coupling of the anima and the animus to create a manifestation or desired goal.

Self-control is a necessary aspect of driven will. The Charioteer finds himself being pulled around by wild forces. He has little control of his wagon yet his will power may be the very thing that could steer him forward.

Charioteer must go into his heart and ask what it is that he truly wants, where does he need to be? Yet, he must engage his intellect and strategize a plan. This is a common theme in Tarot, the idea that one should be a captain of one’s own ship and not be susceptible to the victimhood of circumstantial fate.

The drive and the will create a new direction.

The still small voice becomes a loud call. Each movement forward is a thrust towards a greater sense of knowing. Action leads to transformation, thought becomes deed, which becomes a consequence, none of which can be ignored.

Effort and energy, drive and libido bring results, a victory is assured.


What am I leaving behind?

What are the influences that are around my chariot?

What does my heart say?

What does my intellect say?

What does the road look like?

What of my drive?

What is my victorious outcome?

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