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The stories we write, are the stories we tell.

“It's like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.”
― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind
We are all ready for a rewrite.

It is as if we are emerging from the chrysalis and about to become a butterfly or is that a romantic notion conjured from our personal need to seek out utopia yet the truth? Maybe it is dystopia that welcomes us with open arms.

Looking at the news, one can’t help but wonder how people survived lockdown, but maybe they didn’t. All those hopes that the human race may suddenly renege its capacity for monstrous negligence and disrespect for all that is lovelier than itself is possibly still the greatest challenge we have to face and at the same time speaks of a great sadness and despair amongst human kind. How many of us hoped that this pause moment would sort out a few things and a new Jerusalem was in sight and only a few steps up ahead...naive? Possibly but the idea dominated a lot of conversations. If nothing else it served as a reminder that something had to give.

The story that people have written in their head and are about to unleash upon the world will indeed be very telling. A story of contagion, the unloved, the detritus and carnage of a rampant alien virus, a story of compliance, conspiracies and arrested will.

Does it have to be like that?

I have had it in my mind to write about the combination of the 3 of Swords and the Sun for some time, the idea slid into my agenda some weeks ago, synchronicity perhaps, the unconscious writing on the wall again?

In this combo we have the second decan of libra, Saturn sitting next to, well, the Sun!

The energy of this duo makes me inclined to think about mending the broken ego, the search for identity amidst crisis, who have ‘I’ become? I am optimistic to think that as the curve of change curves ever on we are now at the point where we really do have to cultivate a positive attitude and focus on what makes us happy. Happiness is not an entitlement, one has to work at it; if we can put loads of energy into our misery and sorrow then equally we turn it around and do the same for our state of well being in the world.

As Tarot readers we are natural storytellers.

Those of you who study with me know that I espouse the idea that good language is the key to a meaningful and rich consultation.

Our skills and ability to read the story, to string the symbols of the hidden depths together has never been so needed. Let’s be aware that our faculty of reading the spirit of the moment and understanding the soul is about to hit a new paradigm.

The 3 of Swords shows a struggle in the mind.

Painful thoughts that we bring on ourselves, mirrors of unresolved inner conflicts. Arrows slung from the bow of a ruthless world, each one we take as our own suffering. Disappointment, sadness, lost possibilities and a grief for what once was all the while we are shown we must press on, move forward.

The 3 of Swords is a card of transcendence.

The human heart is resilient enough to withstand the struggle as long as it can rise above it, learn from all that it has endured and process it into pure gold. We are all on a journey into maturity and wisdom, experience is the theatre of evolution. Passion and doubt, how do they stand together? What does best or right actually mean? Our gladiatorial contest for mental and emotional survival will remove the shackles of slavery of limited thinking and open us up to new possibilities.

The Sun.

The Sun warns us against inflated feelings of power and an over expanded sense of self-worth which is as a result of a need to compensate for poverty consciousness in the soul. A forest fire with raging flames that can consume all in its path.

Yet, the Sun signifies higher potential, awakening and insight. It shows the joyful, positive influences that are there to be worked with and utilised to the best of our ability. The Sun is about self, how do we invest in self? What do we do to support our identity, who do we say we are and what are we about?

We talk a lot about being in the light, but in those sharp rays of bright illumination can we say we are prepared for knowledge and the experience of transpersonal self.

Sun is a conscious presence, we are woke.

A breakthrough awaits us. We can now let go of static views and look to the healing nature of life itself. We are all going through a shared rite of transformation and it will be written in history as a shaping of human consciousness. The natural predator has done its thing and new inner pathways created from wrestling with the predator will ensure our continuation on the journey. We can see ourselves in relation to the whole.


Tarot readers tell the story of an inner reality.

*Be conscious of the story you are telling, does it have a beginning, a middle and an ending?

* Honour the shadow of the story, recognition brings illumination.

*Honour the light of the story, recognition brings motivation.

* Look for new symbols, we have not been through a pandemic together before.

* Work with new buzzwords which are relatable.

* Your story telling supports growth.

*The stories we tell shape how others see us.

*Our stories shape our environment.

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