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The Flying Three of Pentacles

“He who works with his hands is a labourer.

He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.

He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

― Saint Francis of Assisi

I was absent-mindedly shuffling my Tarot cards today.

I was musing over my topic for today’s newsletter and shuffling the cards, which is not only very therapeutic but also the best way to shuffle Tarot cards, and the Three of Pentacles flew out of the pack. It landed somewhat unceremoniously at my feet, it's corner resting on my toe.

An hour or so before I had been browsing through a site for Romanian rescue dogs and had made a note to self to find out more. Perusing the gallery of now very lucky dogs, I was overcome with the profound compulsion to get one but was held back by my already long term companion, Robin, who was desperately vying for my attention and a snack.

I tell you all of this because the card at my feet reminded me of a cute rescue dog, blinking doleful eyes in the hope of being scooped up and whisked away into pastures new.

Bending down to retrieve the Tarot card, I could feel a palpable sigh of relief at the prospect of reaching its 77 best buddies resting quietly on the table top. The Three of Pentacles had been rescued from the obscurity of a bedroom floor somewhere in London. So, that was it, after such triumph there was nothing more one could do except write about it!

Threes represent dynamic motion.

It represents dynamic motion and is the resolution of opposing factors found in the twos, integration and transformation. Three is a mystic number, the holy trinity, the Greek Tri-Theos or Three Gods, the Hindu, Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma, we can also include Isis, Osiris and Horus. There are many triadic groupings, each having qualities that speak of transformation.

The triad is the foundation of understanding the process of becoming, emergence and manifestation.

The power of the three is that it moves from a place of stasis to possibility and potential, it gets things moving again. Three shows us that stagnation can lead to toxicity. So while we think that duality and balance may be the ideal to aim for, in actual fact it is but a temporary platform, too much of which prevents one from evolving new ideas and positive motion. Change is inevitable, however, humankind is not good with change so the three can be seen as destructive and as a result isolation and disconnection is a product of holding back.

We work with three by integrating the intellect, emotions and physical transformations. There is growth and expansion and a real sense of wellbeing with the Three of Pentacles.

When the Three of Pentacles flips onto the table we are with the energy of a craftsperson, somebody who knows their stuff. They apply their skills and get much deserved results; effort and energy pay off. Creativity, clear vision and originality play a big part in the meaning of this card.

It shows we have laid down the foundation for future endeavour and success, we can but keep building. Projects and ideas are well aspected and those that count will engage profitably with you. We can expect appreciation and acknowledgement for our accomplishments and the positive feedback is timely and well earned. This in turn brings fresh commitment and perhaps a daydream to transform the world!

On a deeper level this three can show a talent for reading symbols and comprehending spiritual systems of thought.

At its worst it can indicate a resistance to manifesting true potential, wasted efforts and abandoned creative projects. It could be that there is plenty of advice and support but it is not recognised. As a card of the skilled person, it can symbolise an obsession to getting things perfect in technique. Maybe the question could be do we really understand what we are capable of and do we actually want to progress?

This card asks if we believe in ourselves for if we don’t then who will?

Getting things done can mean being cooperative and sometimes we have to collaborate to see fruition, shared knowledge is often a way forward. How can we possibly develop an idea if we don’t have the information? Withholding info is a form of control.

Success, serving the greater good through skills, learning new skills and being interested in our own development are part of a master plan for us as we strive to create a job well done.

  • Do I recognise my own ability and skills?

  • How can I truly believe in myself?

  • Can I readily accept praise and promotion?

  • How do I perceive transformation?

  • Is there something that I need to work on around that?

  • How do I build on my foundations?

  • What will keep me connected to inspired ideas?

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