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Woundology; The Magician's Wound

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
We are all Magicians.

I have said it many times to many people. We are all Magicians, some get it, some don’t. I say it to people in the context that we can manifest all we need or desire.

Those that agree usually have had experience of something bearing fruit in their life. They have an understanding of the the small print, you know the parts about: (A) how we are co-creators with the universe; and (B) our vision to manifest has to be in alignment with our inner reality.

Let's dig deeper into these two important points.

(A) The universe works almost conspiratorially on our behalf. She will do her utmost to vibrationally match our vision to a possible construct. There are no morals in the universe, only laws, so what we want to happen could be totally dastardly but if we put enough effort into it then it will come into being. Equally, we could see ourselves doing great works for mankind, that too will become.

(B) Whatever we see as an intention that will come into being has to be part of a pathway that is recognisable and credible. It has to correspond with our true reality which lies within. Miraculous manifestations, contrary to popular belief, just don’t happen by themselves, they are a product of a whole matrix of cause and effect which brings us to a subtle point. When, what and how we co-create are powerful dynamics that carry consequences. Whether they are good or bad is irrelevant, they are but a product of thought, deed and action. In other words, imposed power to will.

Understanding your capacity to be a natural Magician.

People who don’t understand their capacity to be a natural Magician are very likely those that have had much done for them or aligned themselves to the dreams of others or simply not believed in their own unique talents and skills. These skills came with us on the first day and they are the potential tools to assist us in making our way in the world. But in order for them to be of any use we have to trust and believe in our unique mojo. These skills are depicted in the card as the Sword, Pentacle, Wand and Cup. All the natural elements are at our disposal.

When the Magician turns up in a spread I get a bit of a tingle.

His arrival can be an indication of some good stuff up ahead which one has a say in how it all shapes up. Maybe it is a successful project or course, discovering new friends, trips and travel and so on. He reminds us that we are resourceful enough to pull a rabbit out of a hat. On a superficial level he speaks of what we can do to ensure survival and wellbeing.

But what about the deeper elements and what if it goes a bit blurry round the edges?

The Magician has an aspect to him known as the trickster. He is ruled by Mercury, silver-tongued and a messenger of God. He has to be wary that what falls from his mouth is divine inspiration and not a fountain of words that reflect his own bias and ego. The Magician also should be aware that he does not carry with him an inflated ego and a delusion that he can do what he can’t or shouldn’t.

The Magician could so easily be a walking wound.

Yet these battle scars of life experience can be healed if we want them to be. Achievement, accomplishment, well-executed plans and ideas are cathartic and food for the soul. If the Magician loses the willpower then the wound becomes an existence. That is all, an existence.

I drew a random card for further insight and I pulled the 7 of Pentacles. At the epicentre of the Magician is his creativity. We are constantly creative in some form or another whether we are aware of it or not. We mimic the creativity in the universe. The Magician is happiest when he is creating, concocting, solving and exerting his mighty will over all that he surveys but does he know when enough is enough?

The 7 of Pentacles shows the Magician resting on his rake, he has drawn his harvest around him, he is sizing it up, looking at what he has got. He has worked for it but is it what he wanted, is it enough for him? Maybe not prepared for further effort and work, despite the inevitable rewards for such effort, he does not always see that we can’t go from zero to hero in a nanosecond, there is no entitlement. You have to work with what you have got.

Magician is the number 1 in the Major Arcana and as such he is about self.

The thing is that this world is all about self but arrogance and self absorption don’t always get the job done. The next card I drew was the 6 of Pentacles. Magician would love to be seen as the magnanimous one, a Lord over the minions, dispensing his charm and charisma to those he deems in need. Arrogance is not self belief, arrogance is born from insecurity and low self worth. No amount of grandiose gestures will heal that, the healing comes from putting the work into getting to know oneself and where the wound came from. Not easy perhaps but this is actually the Great Work, the basis of personal alchemy.

Mercury can be cerebral.

Magician can live in his head, the power to will comes from what he has intellectually interpreted from his environment. The will is like an arrow from a bow, once it is shot forth it needs a target or else it spins in space. The arrow must fly forwards, the past has gone, the dark thoughts that, like swords, can destroy, have the power to close the portal to the future. Magician can, if he wills it, use the swords to cut away the debris to make a clearing. The clearing is the heart. Healing the Magician’s wound is in him connecting to his heart. It is but a journey of 14 inches between the head and the heart but is the longest journey if he is not prepared to work with his precious tools.

Everything is a journey, forgiveness, grief, happiness, compassion. There is no pinnacle, no arriving point, all we have to do is be the person we were born to be.

Being alive is the most spiritual thing we can do.
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