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Make your own mojo Tarot spread!

“A lot of people think that the tarot is about being "psychic" and getting "psychic powers".

Actually, the original meaning of psyche is soul.

So the real power of the tarot is that it can help you to live your psyche, your soul, with more creativity, more awareness, more imagination, more clarity, more understanding and more joy.”

― Philippe St Genoux
Tarot spreads.

There are some Tarot readers who have just one great, workable spread that is their go to spread every time or there are readers who like to have several at their disposal, a spread for every occasion. Certainly the neophyte will have practiced many and probably been boggled as to what was the point. Conversely, there are some neat spreads out there that shriek eureka as each card is flipped into place. My opinion is that we can hang too much emphasis on the importance of a spread or an operation as it is known in grander esoteric circles. However I don’t decry the valid and vital function of turning cards in a pattern that allows the interpreter to tell the tale.

For example, I have a 10 card spread based on the Celtic cross with a few personal modifications in the meaning of the positions. This particular spread can often become a jamboree of cards as each position can become a pile! It is good to put a card on top of another to open up the story, which can in some instances become an epic.

I also work with just three cards at a time when offering online readings. This is because space is often very limited and due to the dynamics of an online consultation. Three cards offer a stage by stage development of the unfolding querent’s theatre and it makes it easier to keep a handle on the proceedings.

Making your own spread can be fun and illuminating.

I like to do this when working with the cards for myself. The creation itself offers insight as to what makes me tick. Here are some things about creating a spread for consideration. First of all, I sometimes think it is hard to read for myself but actually it is not always the case, when we read for ourselves we already know. The obstacles that hinder our clarity are often a denial or resistance into going in there and owning one’s wisdom. Reading for others is really much more challenging as we have to use nous, energy, intuition and love to do the job properly. We are our own best specimens, we learn from our own experiences. Reading for self teaches relativity. Be patient!

Why do we require a spread?

When we work with a layout it helps us to articulate our deepest thoughts and emotions. Externalising our stuff is healthy, it comes to the surface for conscious examination. Tarots are a set of symbols that give the unconscious a voice, those depths can finally merge with the conscious world and whatever lay in the shadow can become illuminated.

What is the goal?

We aim to create a set of positions that will offer a framework for which a story can be told. Ultimately, Tarot is the teller of tales, a weaver of the web and like a web it needs a format, a recognisable pattern which brings everything together.

The components of the spread/story could be: circumstances, underlying influences and a resolution or clarity point. It is worth noting that not all people who come for a reading have a problem, they seek an overview, so it may be a mistake to presume that a position could be labelled as ‘the problem’. ‘Underlying influences’ will suffice, it will depend on your skill as a reader as to where that influence leads in a reading.

So, now that we have got all that, what next?

I think it would be a focus. What do you want to achieve? A well phrased question often helps so it is useful to have an idea of what area of your life needs clarification or confirmation. However, it can be interesting to simply ask the cards, ‘what are the influences surrounding me today?’ You have to accept that whatever comes out is entirely appropriate for you at that precise moment. I adhere to this as so many times I have been in a reading and whatever the client has asked about was not what the reading became about.

Ultimately we are aiming to make quality life choices for us to lead a meaningful life. One where we maximise opportunities, potential and wisdom.

Here are some examples for areas for consultation.


Am I able to grow my current role or position?

Will my working environment be healthy for me?

Where are the opportunities?

Will my effort be recognised?

Is there room for growth?

How do others perceive me?


Where is this leading to?

Do we have a shared destiny or goal?

What can we learn from each other?

Could we be happier?

Where are our strengths?

Is this a wound connection?

How do we see each other?

Life path.

What is my ultimate goal?

What is my biggest challenge?

What is my deepest desire?

What did I come here to learn?

What do I need to let go of?

What is helping me?

What is blocking me?

These are just suggestions, but we learn from play, so get your cards, give them a big shuffle and experiment with creating a bespoke spread just for you and maybe one you can use for others. Have fun!

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