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Merry Christmas Everybody!

‘’Would people please stop telling me Santa Claus doesn’t exist? I met him when I was a kid, surrounded by teenaged elves and stuff, one of them had a camera. Santa was fun and smelt of fags and beer, I remember his big red nose too, even the hairs in his nostrils. You see I met him, sat on his lap, chatted and he gave me a toy car, and yeah it was in market, but I know it was the real Santa…’’

Steve Merrick.

Christmas and the New Year.

By the time you get this Newsletter you will hopefully have got your Christmas pretty much sorted and I hope that it is filled with lots of magic and wonder. After the year that we have all had I think we deserve the luxury of the moment to bathe in lots and lots of festive glow.

Yet as I write this, I am also aware that there will be many who will be dreading the New Year and the uncertainties that it will bring. Christmas, for some, is a time that is not necessarily pleasant as it is a stark reminder of how difficult life can be. I remember when my own family were young just how much of a struggle it was making ends meet. The jolly season was an added burden that I probably didn’t need on top of everything else that was going on but somehow we had a Christmas, a tree went up, a meal was cooked and each child had something to open.

Others will have lost dear ones and the time of year will be so poignant as a result of the anguish of the pandemic.

A personal ritual of gratitude.

So, this year I hope you will join me in creating a personal ritual of gratitude but also in sending out a petition of healing and light. This does not have to be anything formal but in your own words more of an intention.

My ritual will be over the Christmas time. I will put on my sacred space a Tarot card that for me speaks about the healing of the moment and I will invoke the wisdom, beauty and essence of the card to assist in bringing a light in the world to those that require it.

Here is a Christmas Tarot layout for you to try.

Christmas Tree. A message from my ancestral roots.

Star. How can I share my light?

Candle. Something to be optimistic about

Candy Cane. Celebrating something sweet.

Mistletoe. My relationship with others.

Holly. A renewal in the coming year

The feast. What I have to be grateful for.

Gifts. What can I give of myself in service

Cup of mead. Celebrating the achievements of the fading year.

Angel. How I will be supported in the coming year.

Finally, I wish you all a joyous and wonderful holiday. May it be peaceful and heartwarming.

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