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Swing Low Sweet Chariot!

“I thought following a straight road would lead me right to my destination. Like the road would just take me there because I was following all the rules. And if the road curved, I couldn't be sure about where I was going. But look where it got me. Maybe it's time for a detour.” ― Susane Colasanti, Take Me There

The timing that Tarot embodies is always impeccable.

Mercury is now in his journey of retrograde and here I am writing about moving forward! Yet, there is some kind of cosmic loveliness that compels the pairing of this unlikely duo.

At this juncture I would like to point out that Mercury in his retrogressive activity is usually an opportune moment for me.

Some really good stuff occurs at this time and I am loath to fully buy into all this argy bargy about the winged messenger moonwalking backwards and wreaking havoc with all and sundry. I am sure that the synchronization of his perilous mischief impacts with all that he symbolises, to some, as expected. Without doubt at this time my computer has glitches, my business slows, my inspiration thins and travel becomes a source of chaos but it is not because of a phase in my calendar that I need to don the armour and get fully prepared. Mindful of self fulfilling prophecies, I prefer to go with the flow. So, I have found that this is a time for review, to consider the next step forward, to question the next stage and to complete any unfinished business. I get to grips with what I am intending to achieve and I get real about current life situations...or as real as I can possibly allow myself.

Anyway, the point is the connection between The Chariot and Mercury, movement and willpower. I am so pleased that the ephemeris conspired with me to bring about the content for this piece!

On a fundamental level The Chariot speaks of leaving the past behind.

It is about moving forward, claiming a victorious future despite the fact that The Chariot doesn’t have reins and the steeds seem to pull in different directions. Another idiosyncratic aspect of The Chariot is that it is ruled by Cancer, the crab. This little point is actually rather important. A crab scuttles sideways, this gives us the idea that movement forward is not always in a straight line. The motion can be a spiral, a zig-zag or whatever, but move we must, stasis is not an option.

We are pulled in many directions and to make a trajectory out of that requires willpower.

Maybe the Charioteer is the Magician. The Chariot is not indistinct from the temple of the High Priestess and the horses or sphinxes are the guardians of the underworld, the anima and animus, the male/female principle that lies at the heart of creativity and expression. From deep within our psyche we conjure up the requisites to move and to manifest. This is on all levels.

We search our heart for our vision, where do we fire the arrow of will? Then we engage the brain, a perfect unison of head and heart, ego and spirit. We are on our way to establishing strength and foundation.

The subtlety at work of the Mercury retrograde process.

The Chariot shares the animus virtue along with Justice positioned with the anima virtues in Strength and Temperance. They belong to the cycle of authentic self-development and offer insightful wisdom on how to grow from the challenges and struggles that are interwoven in the path of gnosis. We reach into this wisdom as we maintain relationships with all things as it is these very relationships that develop will and personal awakenings.

The shadow side of The Chariot.

The shadow side of this card can infer that one is riding roughshod over another and represents arrogance, superficial desires and a yearning for attention and notoriety. However, if one is going to wear the mantle of achievement and accomplishment there has to be a sense of responsibility and accountability. It is all too easy for the image of the High Priestess’s Temple to become the image of a tank. True mastery is sensitivity aligned to willful leadership and this comes as a result of believing in a created vision and tempering the spirit in order to reach the intended goal.

Victory is assured if we are determined and focused. It is great to be impulsive and spontaneous but we have to be thoughtful of our actions and consequences. Denial of such could result in downfall and an undoing of all the positive that has been done thus so far.

There is no need to rush, take in the scenery as you go along.

The Charioteer as Magician reminds us that we have capabilities and skills to manifest our deepest desire. Balance is required and that is maintained through strength of will and management of energy.

Have you a vision or a goal? Sit with The Chariot to receive inspiration on the path that leads to your success.

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