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The Social Distancing of the Two and Four of Cups

“At the core of this grief is our longing to belong. This longing is wired into us by necessity. It assures our safety and our ability to extend out into the world with confidence. This feeling of belonging is rooted in the village and, at times, in extended families. It was in this setting that we emerged as a species. It was in this setting that what we require to become fully human was established. Jean Liedloff writes, "the design of each individual was a reflection of the experience it expected to encounter." We are designed to receive touch, to hear sounds and words entering our ears that soothe and comfort. We are shaped for closeness and for intimacy with our surroundings. Our profound feelings of lacking something are not a reflection of personal failure, but the reflection of a society that has failed to offer us what we were designed to expect. Liedloff concludes, "what was once man's confident expectations for suitable treatment and surroundings is now so frustrated that a person often thinks himself lucky if he is not actually homeless or in pain. But even as he is saying, 'I am all right,' there is in him a sense of loss, a longing for something he cannot name, a feeling of being off-center, of missing something. Asked point blank, he will seldom deny it.”

― Francis Weller, The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief

One of the things I like to do is to simply play with my cards. 

My recent game is where I take a card and jump one. For example I might read the Ace of Wands with the Three of Wands. I look for the story, the progression, then I take the Two of Wands with the Four of Wands and so on. Not only do we get insight into how the numbers play a part but an interesting narrative emerges, one of interaction and growth, we get an idea about the subterranean dynamics that bring things into form.

The Two and Four of Cups bounced around in my brain for a bit so I took the challenge to unpack the vibe which was bubbling up from the abyss! 

I took the cards out from my RWS deck and had a ponder. It occurred to me that what I was looking at was a very current issue; social distancing and the psychological and spiritual dilemma that it can create. As Tarot readers we are likely to see more and more people presenting with issues around this subject. Social apathy is not new but it is certainly new on the scale we are witnessing at the moment.

When we consider the Two of Cups we see union.

We see the alchemy between two people, Venus and Mars, opposing factors in exchange to create harmony. We see reflection of one in the other and a binding of forces. Little wonder that this card, when flipped for the Querent, draws a sigh of pleasure that relationships may indeed bode well. As a human phenomenon, we see, not the loss of self but the discovery of self in finding our mirror, hermetically we can begin to understand our individual humanity. Sustaining such a relationship is representative of mental and emotional wholeness.

We spend much of our lives learning to live with each other.

We do this in our homes, our workplace and our society. We place great store in seeking affinity and attraction. To be a good citizen, we are taught to seek out reconciliation of opposites and to pursue tolerance and acceptance but in order to do so we must live on the coalface with each other. Relationships that exist in a rarefied atmosphere do not yield anything but illusion and fake stories.

A person finds good health and well-being when they can share their feelings and cooperate and collaborate with each other. It is all about connection. We are entirely interdependent on each other, the connection links us to the Earth, to the Divine essence and to an ancestral history. This soul-relatedness fosters an awakening and a creativity, one has the desire to become two, to expand.

It would seem preposterous, then, to suddenly backtrack on this and to endure isolation from friends and family. To have limited sociability and contact. I think the fallout from lockdown has yet to come out.

Lockdown procured within the heart is immobility and conservatism. We can see this in the Four. 

Fours can represent a measure of success, of having reached a goal. They lay down the foundations for the future and the Fours respond and react with a sense of certainty. An interesting difference between the Two and the Four is that in the Two we see a flow and a contour but in the Four we see angles and corners.

In the Four of Cups we see the denial of magical possibilities, a resistance to spontaneity and a lack of awareness of personal spiritual transitions. All the flow we have gathered in our search for sustainable relationships becomes trapped in the acute corners of the Four. The way society is being advised to deal with other humans is one of disengagement. We will not look to each other for opportunity for hope, we will not count another as a blessing or to drink deeply from the cup of evolving emotions.

It may be that relationships exist in the ether as a dream or a vision. 

The reality of supplication from another person may become something that lives outside of the self, emotional disconnection could become the norm. Our search for happiness may no longer end in the discovery of a personalised worldliness. I question if it will accentuate compassion and faith.

Our illumination may not be as a result of human emotional interaction and endeavour but more technological and edgy. Whilst all this may appear very dystopian there is hope that the human spirit will not succumb to the angles and the corners but protect and preserve the sanctity of love and all that can flow from it.

Think about some of the words that have been introduced into our everyday language. 

How are they being used? In what context?

What is your vision for how people should live post pandemic?

How will you nurture your relationships in the future?

What would be your advice for those enduring separation?

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