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The Time of the Tower.

“Once upon a time in the land of Shinar, God came down to see the city and the tower. People were united and spoke in one language. Then God confound their language and caused them scattered all over the planet earth. I believe, because of our technology, there will be one computer-based language on earth. Then God will come back again and make us all scattered all over the stars constellation.”

― Toba Beta

September 11th 2001.

It is coming up to that time of year, that time when we, quite rightly, remember the appalling, terrifying and overwhelmingly sad moment when the Twin Towers were razed to the ground. The death, chaos, suffering and perplexity of the whole darn situation is still so difficult to comprehend. So much so that I remember every detail of September 11th 2001.

At the time I was a reader and course tutor at Isis, a lovely shop and centre in St. Albans. I used to love trucking over and I had a happy group of folks that I taught. In those days my emphasis was on Psychic development. I recall with great affection the classes and various incidents that took place, some were quite remarkable, like the plant that literally leaped from the window sill to land at the feet of the astonished person who was in full flow of giving a message, but that is all for another newsletter.

On that day...

On the day in question, I got off the train at St. Albans and I was oblivious to what had taken place, however something just did not feel right, it was all so subdued. I wandered up the High Street and got within spitting distance of the centre. In those days there were still things like television shops, a vast array of TVs in a window which would silently play out a movie or programme like moving wallpaper. Sports fans found them particularly useful as you could get the score as you walked by.

Anyway, this time, there was a large crowd of people staring intently into the window of the TV shop. As I got nearer all you could hear was heavy breathing, nothing else, that was it. 

Naturally I asked what was going on to which came the prompt reply that world war three had broken out. I shouldered my way to the front of the crowd and my jaw actually dropped as I, totally aghast, watched a plane fly into a tower followed a few moments later by another one into the second tower. It felt like I had a brain freeze. It was so shocking,I felt the fear in the pit of my stomach, then I began to realise that people were in the buildings and the outcome was not going to be good, the rest of course is history.

Eventually I made my way to the centre. 

There was nobody coming in that day, nobody wanted to, apart from one lady who, like me, had set off without knowing what horror was unfolding. We sat together for a while as we gathered our thoughts. Neither wanted to speculate as speculation seemed to be so ridiculous nor did we want to unpack what we little we knew. It was all so surreal and something that a provincial English town at the beginning of a glorious autumn could not withstand or comprehend, which is a bit bonkers really as St.Albans has witnessed several grisly uprisings in its formidable history since Roman times!

The funny thing is that the lady, who was a participant in the group had brought me a gift. It was the Hanson Roberts Tarot deck. I still have it. 

We sat and ricocheted between conversations about home and family to the unfolding drama in New York. There was no escape, the visions of impending doom, of planes in towers, the worst nightmare, would come creeping back into the mind, hovering like the sword of damocles, reminding us of the fragility of life in the face of a superpower. 

It seemed only appropriate that I unbox my new deck and I shuffled the cards and for a moment found respite in the crisp newness of them and the lovely fresh smell of the card. In my head I said, ‘Well then, what is this all about?’ I drew two cards and I got the Tower and Hierophant. Startling. It seemed that those two cards answered a million questions. In retrospect, I wish I had taken more cards but the pulled combo was so amazing that I left it as it was. 

So much has been said about what happened on that day and the possible reasons for it and who might actually be responsible. To me the Tower and Hierophant are very significant and with deep reflection one can get a pretty good idea as to the why and wherefore of the sad event.

“Now days are dragon-ridden, the nightmare

Rides upon sleep: a drunken soldiery

Can leave the mother, murdered at her door,

To crawl in her own blood, and go scott-free;

The night can sweat with terror as before

We pieced our thoughts into philosophy,

And planned to bring the world under rule,

Who are but weasels fighting in a hole.”

― W. B. Yeats.

The Tower is a remarkable card.

Even for me its appearance is treated with something that is a bit like awed respect or dread and wonder! My own experiences of this card have been game changers and I could attribute that to the fire and might of Mars as well as rebellious and revolutionary Uranus. What makes this card so enigmatic is that it exists not in the physical world but its end results are often ultimately experienced there. It is in fact a card of the etheric world, the psychic domain where we get a glimpse of what is coming into form. Its wisdom is its power to provide opportunity for alignment, adjustment and movement. The rigid Tower becomes the fluid consciousness of change.


Change and upheaval.

The Tower tells us that we have become imprisoned in a place that has no doors and very small windows. The universe abhors a vacuum, change prevents stagnancy, the world then continues to turn.


If you have got a bit too big for your boots or placed too much importance on your own success without any foundation, the Tower warns of a tumble. A new perspective will result from your ego being pricked. It can then be rebuilt. Equally, it can refer to you not having enough of an ego and a healthy sense of self will get the job done!

Psychic phenomena.

The function of the Tower exists in a liminal space, on the threshold of the sensual world. It’s activity begins within and externalises as the action takes on form. This can look like psychic events but which are actually facets of internal manifestation.


A stand alone power that has dominance over the day to day life and can shape, through change, the experience of it.

Spinal problems.

The Tower, as a result of its imagery can signify the spine. Surrounding cards can identify the cause, prevention or possible outcome of having such a problem.

Erectile dysfunction.

Rare but should be considered if appropriate. As always, check surrounding cards for extra, relevant information that will be beneficial.

Revolutionary ideas and action.

This is literally a light bulb moment of realisation. That split second when everything falls into place, whether we suddenly know our path of destiny or when we see what has been going on with our family or friends. A flash of inspiration that changes everything and as a result nothing will ever be the same again.


The timing of the appearance of the Tower is always right on time!

As you can see the Tower is not a mere trifle.

It has much to teach us. When this card comes up in your reading try to keep an open mind. It is not always so bad but can instead lead us to wholeness.

Finally, peace and blessings to those souls that agreed to encounter 9/11 in their lives, wherever and whoever they were. May their next turn around the sun bring their light as a gift to the world.

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