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“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...”

― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go!

As you have already found out Tarot is such an immersive, intriguing and inspirational system for living.

If you are meant to have a Tarot path in your life then you will know but for many the decision is to what extent? Is it that is a lifestyle thing or maybe a spiritual pathway or something more creative? For others it is about whether becoming a professional Tarot consultant is a realistic career move.

I have to say that the holistic world is very different to when I began.

I like the fact that I have known the before and the after. When I took my steps towards being a full time reader, there were no mobile phones, no internet, certainly no Instagram or Facebook. Anyone who worked in the industry back then was deemed as a little odd and was left to inhabit the margins. 

Word of mouth was so important as that was mainly how one got clients. Your work stood up for itself and in many respects that has not changed. Even though, now, we have a much broader stall to lay out the goods, quality and integrity are still the main components of being a first class holistic practitioner.

Advertising was business cards left in windows and book stores and you always had a stack of them in your bag just in case you met someone who wanted your services. A far cry from the slick digital ads that fill up the news feeds now. The thought of creating a video to speak about your work was incomprehensible then.

I do think that one’s relationship to spirit was different in the pre-internet days.

There was a stronger sense of co-creating your working life with your spirit allies. There was a purity in the motive of being of service which is often masked by the competitiveness and the attention to digital detail that is required now. Not that I would necessarily return to the old days, I am grateful for the training, stamina and insights that comes from being an operative in those pre-internet days. However, I am also grateful for the enterprise, challenges and far reaching connections to people and information that I get from contemporary practice.

Having said all of that, somethings do not change.

Being a successful reader is not just about getting your name out there it is about having the ability to sustain a long and fruitful position in an ever changing and competitive industry. One must be able to adapt and adjust to various situations, to take the rough with the smooth, to be prepared to have a constant love affair with your Tarots.

So, you feel all geared up to take that all important step, here goes:


Do you have insurance?

Many places won’t hire you, be it event organisers or mystic shops, without insurance. This is required to protect you and the place of employment from any unfortunate clash with the public. Occurrences are rare but as they say up north, ’There’s nowt so strange as folk’ and it is so true. Be prepared.

A website or landing page is a good idea.

Word of mouth is still vital to business, if someone recommends you to their friend or colleague, the first thing they are likely to do is to check out your blurb on the internet. They like to see how you look and what your style is. This is the first step of hopefully building up clientele, they want to know if you can be trusted. Keep it clear and clean and avoid stereotypical imagery if you can! Pick colours, dialogue and pictures that reflect you not how you think people see you.

Having your mission statement online is also very useful.

Not only is it good for your client to get an idea of where you are coming from but it is a useful exercise for you to put into words as to why you are a Tarot reader. Include a few words about how you work. Don’t take it for granted that everyone knows what a Tarot reading is, what a lightworker does or what spirit communication means. Spell it out, the more information people have about you the more likely it is for you to get a booking.

Whilst it is always very noble to give readings away it is also important to honour fair exchange.

A freebie here and there is a kindness and can even be a positive business move, but you still need to pay the rent and put bread on the table. Value your skills, you have invested in them so why shouldn’t your clients? Value your connection to spirit. It is part of your tool box. Set your rate by the hour.

Why do you want to be of service?

It is worthwhile to occasionally check in with yourself and explore the motives behind why you want to be of service. Are you doing this because you love people or because you want to help people? There is a difference. If you are feeling drained by your readings then maybe this love/help thing is out of balance. Have a reset when you feel you need to. When we love what we do the healing can truly begin.

Be aware of self-employment rules.

Be sure of what applies to you and what doesn’t. Keep the books in order, this can be a magical process in itself.

Do you need a brand or a logo?

To answer that you will require a good idea of what client or niche you are appealing to. Spend some time thinking about your unique style, message and delivery. Again this can be a magical process in its own right.

Finally, remember that everything is spirit. Spirit is part of everything that we do. Embrace the sheer beauty of that.

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