Each suit has its own element:-

Swords – air. Intellectual processes.
Wands – fire, passion & drive.
Cups – water.Emotions & the Psyche.
Pentacles – earth. Physical & material.

Key words are useful for remembering the meaning of a card without having to memorize vast tracts of dialogue.


Ace. Communication. Speak one's truth. A rational intellect. Mental clarity.
Two. Need to find inner balance. Not always possible to see the future. Knowing where one stands. Defensiveness.
Three. Heartbreak leading to transformation. Fear. Empathy with another's pain. Separation.
Four. Rest & recuperation. Slow down. Build up stamina. Give the mind a rest.
Five. Criticism. Failure. Swallowing pride. Deceitful. Having a positive mental attitude, Developing self esteem.
Six. Spiritual breakthrough. Moving on. Travel. Peace & solace. New job.
Seven. Informed choice. Betrayal. Plan carefully. Covetousness. Robbery.
Eight. Feeling trapped. Procrastination. Locked in one's own thoughts.
Nine. Guilt. Fear. sadness. Despair. Befriending the night.
Ten. Completely letting go. Befriending fear. Human experience. Light at the end of the tunnel.


Ace. New start. Earthing a concept. material security.
Two. Juggling life. Learning from unexpected sources.
Three. Success in business. Skill. Building & forming foundations. Self-belief.
Four. Practical achievement. Power & influence. Consolidation of assets. Miserliness.
Five. Poverty. Isolation. Unhappiness. Sudden change. Feeling left out.
Six. Financial stability. Reward. Charity. Money coming. Beware of over generosity.
Seven. Planning ahead. Reward for hard work. Reviewing achievements so far. Continued effort.
Eight. Putting things in order. Success from past efforts. New opportunity for work.
Nine. Achievement of goals. Prosperity. Harvest. Relaxation. Self-appreciation.
Ten. Prosperity. Domestic security. Traditions. Inheritance. Travel & property

Ace. Creative new start. Spiritual enlightenment. Removal of obstacles. Primal power. Inspirational energy.
Two. Release from manipulation. The world's an oyster. Standing on one's own two feet.
Three. Right time, right place. Accomplishment. Visionary planning. Ideas become reality.
Four. Achievement. Moving home. celebration & completion.
Five. Conflict. Confusion. Confronting obstacles.
Six. Triumph. Victory. Leadership. Acheivements.
Seven. Making a stand. Opposition. Jealousy. self-defence. Competition.
Eight. Priorities. Committment to change. Drama. Travel.
Nine. Lack of confidence. Time to try again. Courage to succeed.
Ten. Burdens & responsibilities. Resentment. A need to use energy positively. 


Ace. New relationship. Conception. Heart opening. Fertile projects. Generosity.
Two. Consolidating feelings. Balance & harmony in relationships. Coming together. meeting of hearts & minds.
Three. Romance. Celebration. Joy of life. receiving a gift.
Four. Apathy. Lethargy. Gossip. taking stock. The need to receive.
Five. Loss. Appreciating what is left. Transcending above emotional difficulty. Regret.
Six. Nostalgia. Serenity & well being. The past as wise teacher. Return of an old friend.
Seven. Possibility. Wishful thinking. Delusion. The beginning of manifestation. Keep it simple & workable.
Eight. Letting go in order to move on. Pastures new. Fulfillment ahead. Forgiveness & understanding in liberation.
Nine. The wish card. Emotional stability. A break in the tension. Satisfaction & contentment.
Ten. Security. Wholeness & completion. A significant relationship. Peace. A vibrational shift. Support.



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