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Thank you for purchasing our The Star 'for the soul' aura and atmosphere spray*. Please feel free to use this spray intuitively (although remember it is not to be imbibed or used on the skin). If you'd like some guidance, please see the Guidance On How To Use paragraph below. Also, at the foot of the page is a free The Star meditation to take you on a guided journey with the spray and the card.

The Star image is from Pamela Steele's glorious Steele Wizard Tarot Deck

* if you haven't yet purchased The Star 'for the soul' Aura & Atmosphere Spray and you'd like to, please contact Anna for now, and she will send one to you! Our online shop will be up and running very soon!

About The Star Spray: A Salve For The Soul

The Star aura and atmosphere spray is gentle and uplifting. It will wash through your aura, enhancing your energy field or you can use it to create the energetic ambience of The Star Tarot card in your personal space or reading room.

The essential oils (geranium and lavender) used in The Star have been carefully chosen to embody the meaning of The Star Tarot archetype. They are lovingly put together with an added healing blessing to harmonise your energy with The Star.


The Star spray can be used for healing, especially with regards to missed opportunities, moving on from major changes and can also be used as a protection from adversities.


This essence can be worked as part of an intention ritual to manifest a dream or goal, and is useful for supporting meditations to build successful personal visions for achievement.


The Star unfolds the beauty of the sacred feminine and the Goddess deities.



Inspiration. Ideal love. Realisation of a dream. Visionary progress. Success follows effort. Self-expression. Healing the soul.

The Star Spray: Guidance On How To Use

Focus on your intention. Visualise the essence working with you and for you. Imagine it flowing through your aura or room, picture the image of your favourite The Star Tarot card and offer your peace and blessings to the moment.


I give myself permission to make my dream happen. I readily invite the loving universe to assist me in all that I do. I open my heart to inspiration and achievement.


For The Aura

Spray the fragrance around your body (not touching the skin), working from the Crown centre (just above your head) through each energy centre; the third eye, the throat chakra, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral chakra and the root. As you do so repeat the affirmation which acts as a catalyst for the fragrance.

For The Atmosphere

In a clockwise direction use the spray to walk a circle in your room. Pay extra attention to the corners repeating the affirmation.

A Free "The Star" Meditation

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